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20 Top Trade Shows in Miami, Florida

Top trade shows in Miami
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A bustling metropolis, Miami is no stranger to trade businesses and trade shows. Not only is this Floridian city one of the largest in the United States, but it is also a major business center.

Compared to other metropolitan regions in the United States, Miami has extremely favorable tax policies for businesses of all types and sizes. Companies can benefit from relatively low property and sales taxes, as well as from the absence of local corporate and local personal income taxes. Add to it the low living costs, excellent weather throughout the year, a robust infrastructure, and skilled workforce, and Miami is no less than a heaven for entrepreneurs looking to translate their business ideas and visions into reality. 

As such, the city conducts a number of trade shows and exhibitions throughout the year, and these events allow companies to promote their offerings, establish stronger and larger networks, and expand their clientele. These events cater to varying sectors and industries, including medicine, retail finance, boating, and even collectibles like jewelry and watches.

In this guide, we will talk about the 20 best trade shows in Miami.

 20 Top Trade Shows in Miami, Florida

1) Miami Cosmetic Surgery:

Miami Cosmetic Surgery aims to combine science, creativity, and aesthetics. This re-imagined event steps out of the confines of traditional conferences and expos, and presents a fresh and visionary perspective regarding medical aesthetics. Attendees can benefit from innovative educational formats, interactive and fun-filled activities, and a renowned and engaging faculty, to get a deep dive into the topics that are most relevant to their interests and practices.

From personal perspectives to global ones, from established experts to up-and-coming trailblazers, and from technology to techniques, MCS allows you to take much more than just a peak into the future of aesthetic medicine.

2) FIME:

The FIME trade show intends to bring together medical products and professionals, every year. The show consists of four primary sectors, namely: medical equipment, medical services, medical suppliers and products, and medical technology.

The show is conducted at the Miami Beach, and attracts a number of skilled and talented participants from different parts of the country. Unsurprisingly, FIME has been ranked the number one medical trade show in the United States.

3) Futures Store Miami:

The Futures Store Miami show allows participants to witness how top retailers in the country are overhauling the in-store experience, and combining high touch with high tech. The event provides practical strategies regarding the effective use of store technology, retooling of frontline associates, and creating a futuristic store experience.

The conference intends to equip retail executives in tech, design, and operations with the tools and knowledge to confidently lead their companies in the coming years and decades.

4) IDEA:

The IDEA trade show is considered by many to be THE event for the Engineered Fabrics industry. The conference brings together every component of the supply chain for services and products – from engineered fabrics and raw materials, to equipment/machinery and finished goods and services.

With pretty much every customer and potential customer under the same roof, IDEA provides businesses with the perfect opportunity to market their offerings and maximize their sales in a cost-effective manner.

5) PB Expo:

The aviation and aerospace industry is one of the global leaders in connectivity, playing a crucial role in bridging the gap between people and places. Today’s climate, however, poses unique worldwide challenges for this industry.

The PB Expo is a trade fair that aims to promote progress and change within the aviation and aerospace industry by bringing all the visionaries together under the same roof in order to innovate, inspire, and connect.

6) Natural Disaster Expo:

A free-to-attend conference, the Natural Disaster Expo aims to discuss the intricacies of the natural disaster industry, discuss global trends and forecasts, introduce cutting-edge technologies, and expand relief programs. 

The Expo attracts more than 200 speakers and close to 300 leading suppliers, and, if you are an emergency response professional, should definitely be on your must-attend list.

7) Franchise Expo South:

Franchise Expo South brings on display some of the leading franchise brands, and presents some of the hottest franchise opportunities.

Attendees can have face-to-face interactions with leading franchises in every industry and across every investment level, and explore their possibilities for becoming a small-business owner.

Led by some of the best and most informed minds in their respective industries, the Franchise Expo South allows participants to understand the ins and outs, as well as learn plenty of invaluable behind-the-scenes information, about the industries and areas of their interest.

8) Miami International Boat Show:

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

The Miami International Boat Show exhibits the leading services and products in the boating industry, such as:

Sailboats: Dinghies (Sailing), Motor Sailors, Multi-Hulls (Sailing), One-Design Sailboats, Racing Sailboats, and Sailboards

Power Boats: All-Purpose Fishing Boats, Aluminum Boats, Bass Boats, Bay Boats, Multi-Hulls (Power), Catamarans, Cuddy Cabins, Bow Riders, Ski and Fish Boats, Center Consoles, Hi-Performance Boats, Deck Boats, Hunting Boats, Flat Boats, Outboard/Inboard Boats, Houseboats, Motor Yachts, Inboard Cruisers, Pontoon Boats, Luxury Yachts, Sport Fishing Yachts, Outboard Boats, Water-Ski Boats, Trawlers, Wake-Board Boats, and Runabouts

Others: Air Boats, Canoes, Dinghies (Motorized and Rowing), Folding or Inflatable Boats, Custom Yacht and Boat Builders, Jon Boats, Electric Boats, Jet Boats, Jon Boats, Kayaks, Pedal Boats, Rowing Shells, Wooden Boats, and PWCs (Personal Water Crafts)

Check our gallery with photos from the Miami International Boat Show.

9) International Watch and Jewelry Guild Show:

Members of the International Watch and Jewelry Guild Show gain access to 10-12 major events conducted throughout the year, along with a network of over 8,000 collectors and dealers from close to 80 countries around the world.

You can also gain access to a comprehensive after-market price guide for modern, classic, and vintage watches.

10) Tissue World Miami:

Tissue World Miami hosts more than 200 companies and numerous other visitors, creating a platform where professionals and experts from the tissue industry can network, engage, and learn.

On the floor, attendees can expect to come across exhibitors from every part of the tissue value chain.

11) Art Wynwood:

Conducted by the Art Miami, Art Wynwood is one of the leading contemporary winter art fairs in the United States. The fair comprises a number of international galleries exhibiting contemporary, emerging, and cutting-edge works, each with its unique design and identity.

Art Wynwood is the US’s favorite art destination and presents attendees with the opportunity to interact with corporate and private art advisors, astute collectors, interior designers, curators, museum professionals, and art tastemakers and enthusiasts.

12) Florida International Medical Expo:

The largest medical trade fair in the continent, the Florida International Medical Expo houses medical and healthcare trade professionals from South, Central, and North America, as well as exhibitors from many different parts of the world.

The expo provides these attendees with the chance to learn more about refurbished and new hospital and medical equipment, supplies, products, and technologies, and to get into business with these national and international organizations.

13) Realcomm:

Realcomm gathers trailblazers from the corporate and commercial tech and real estate industries and combines collaborations, connections, and education.

The tech tours, which are a part of the event, allow attendees to participate in backhouse tours and check out some of the most unique local projects and ideas. Two days of conference activities, meanwhile, include a couple of General Sessions, along with Digie Awards, the Realcomm Process Automation Showcase, IBCon Smart Building Best Practice Showcase, and over 50 educational sessions conducted by close to 300 renowned speakers. The exhibition, meanwhile, puts on display some of the most innovative tech services and products.

14) USA CBD Expo:

The USA CBD Expo features innumerable CBD products and brands, ranging from health food and holistic manufacturers to vape manufacturers and pet-care companies.

The attendees also get the chance to engage with exhibitors from all corners of the CBD industry, including Pharmaceutical, Convenience Stores, Organic and Holistic Goods, Pet Care Supplies, Head and Smoke Shops, Health and Nutritional Goods, Sports Medicine, and Beauty Care Buyers.

15) Asia-America Trade Show:

The Asia-America Trade Show is one of the leaders in bringing together sellers and buyers from different parts of the world, including the USA, Africa, Asia, South and North America, Europe, and even the Caribbean.

Attendees get the chance to meet global foreign trade delegations, missions, and import and export associations. The expo hosts multiple business-to-business conferences, and the trade officials for each country present a multitude of diverse investment opportunities.

16) Seatrade Cruise Global:

Seatrade Cruise Global brings the cruise industry under one roof. The event brings together experts, visionaries, and many other like-minded cruise experts and professionals, and presents them with the opportunity to interact and network over a period of four days.

A world-class conference, the Seatrade Cruise Global hosts a number of leading individuals primed to disrupt the cruise industry. The trading floor, meanwhile, has more than 500 exhibitors putting on display the most sophisticated and cutting-edge advances in cruise services, design, and technology.

17) GeekOut Miami (Live Stream):

If you are in –or plan to enter – the e-commerce industry, GeekOut Miami is an event that you certainly cannot afford to miss. 80% of the event’s audience consists of brand founders or decisionmakers, and the average revenue of the exhibiting brands is over $34 million.

In order to encourage the maximum number of people to attend, the event will be conducted virtually through a live stream. Attendees will receive numerous killer e-commerce ideas and insights that they can use to improve revenue and profitability.

18) American Association of Orthodontists:

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) is an annual session that attracts attention to the leading innovations and reforms in the dentistry field. Doctors, professionals, experts, and staff make up the bulk of the attendees’ list.

You can get establish a custom-built tradeshow booth and use this event to establish and expand your brand presence.


Service providers, resellers, MSPs, and end users gather at the ITEXPO every year to learn about the trends and solutions that will shape and reshape the future. The event allows attendees to re-imagine their technology and communication tools for success in a world that has been permanently altered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

ITEXPO was inaugurated in 1999, and, for more than two decades, has been the one-stop event for IT and telecom professionals, as well as for business and C-level owners. This is the platform where purchasers of tech and communication services and hardware can interact with hundreds of solution-providers and manufacturers in a single place, for an extremely productive three-day period.

20) Retail Finance Connect:

Retail Finance Connect is a trade show that connects North American retailers, CPG manufacturers, and brands with finance VPs and retail CEOs looking to invest in solutions and services to lower costs, increase efficiencies, and make strategic improvements – without compromising on their department- and enterprise-wide growth and profitability.

The exhibition addresses a number of pertinent challenges and questions, ranging from the future economic outlook and the impact of tariffs and trade deals on a business’ strategy, to changing tax regulations and fraud prevention.

Final Thoughts on the Best Trade Shows in Miami

To sum up, as one of the business centers of the USA, Miami hosts a large number of diverse trade shows throughout the year, a few of which were discussed in this guide. Please note that the serial numbers in this blog do not represent a ranking order for the trade shows, and have only been included for the ease of our readers.

To know more about trade shows and how you and your business can benefit from them, please feel free to check out some of the other blogs on our website.

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