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26 Top Medical Tradeshows in Florida

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If you belong to the medical industry, you understand the importance of being at the leading edge of business development and brand building in order to maximize the returns from your current revenue streams while developing new streams of revenue.

In this regard, knowing about and attending the best tradeshows is crucial as it helps your brand generate the best leads and stay ahead of the competition.

In this guide, we will be discussing some of the best medical tradeshows in Florida.

Medical Tradeshows in Florida:

1) APMA Annual Scientific Meeting:

The APMA Annual Scientific Meeting focuses on ankle and foot health, professional excellence, and member service. With one eye on the future, APMA strives to grow, advance, and stabilize podiatric medicine by boosting awareness about the importance of ankle and foot health throughout Florida and the United States through legislative advocacy and public education.

The session will begin on the 28th of July, and last until the 31st.

2) FHCA Annual Conference Trade Show:

The FHCA (Florida Healthcare Association) Annual Conference Trade Show is the premier conference for Floridian medical professionals working in the long-term care subsector. The largest event for assisted living and nursing center professionals, the FHCA Annual Conference trade show is attended by more than 1,000 participants.

This year, the event will be conducted from July 31st to August 4th, with the 1st and 2nd of August being reserved for the trade show.

3) NAEMSE Symposium and Trade Show:

NAEMSE will be conducting its 27th EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Trade Show and Symposium between August 2nd and August 7th. This week-long event will serve as the perfect opportunity for EMS professionals looking to collaborate, increase their networks, and attend presentations, workshops, celebrations, and much more. This is also the chance for these professionals to learn about and share various techniques, expertise, and classroom best practices.

4) Annual Scientific Session and Exhibition of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology:

The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology will be conducting its 27th Annual Scientific Session and Exhibition between the 8th and 11th of September 2022 in Orlando, Florida. The ASNC 2022 will provide participants with top-notch educational, networking, engagement, and collaborative opportunities. This is an excellent chance to interact with the leaders and pioneers of multimodality imaging and nuclear cardiology, understand where this field currently stands and where it is headed in the near and distant future.

This year’s session will have a number of distinct features, such as:

  • Course Faculty
  • Real-life case studies
  • Interactive sessions on topics like non-ischemic cardiomyopathy, health equity, myocardial sarcoidosis, infective endocarditis, amyloidosis, cardiac allograft vasculopathy, and heart device infection

5) NASP Meeting and Expo:

If you are a mental-health professional, the NASP (National Association of School Psychologists) is an event you certainly do not want to miss. Every year, this event brings together NASP members, industry leaders, and healthcare veterans from different parts of the USA to change and shape the future of the patient journey and specialty pharmacy.

The NASP Meeting and Expo will comprise learning, sharing of best practices, the exploration of potential synergies and partnerships, and connectivity and collaboration.

The event will be held sometime in September 2022.

6) Fall CME Meeting and Expo:

The 2022 Fall CME Meeting and Expo, hosted by the Florida Psychiatric Society, will be conducted from September 30th to October 2nd. The session will cover topics like:

  • Psychodynamic Psychopharmacology, which will talk about caring for eating-disorder patients who are resistant to treatment
  • Updates about evidence-based psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • Updates about patient confidentiality, covering subtopics like HIPAA guidelines and family involvement
  • Integrating psychotherapy principles and practices into C/L psychiatry
  • Apathy – differential diagnosis

7) AABB Annual Meeting:

The AABB (Association for the Advancement of Blood and Biotherapies) Annual meeting brings together biotherapy and blood professionals, and covers the latest advances, practice-changing solutions, and cutting-edge research pertinent to the field. The event provides opportunities for:

  • Education (learn about the best practices and latest findings, and how you can integrate them into your own area of work)
  • Networking (meet leaders and pioneers across the biotherapy and blood industries)
  • Gaining insights (obtain vital professional knowledge about the most critical issues in your profession)
  • Innovation (update yourself about the latest advancements and technologies in the field)

8) CBD Expo Southeast:

CBD Expo Southeast is considered to be the global premier tradeshow event for medical cannabinoids. From industry mavericks and medical researchers to product designers, the event hosts several thousand attendees from all parts of the country.

Attendees get the chance to attend informative presentations regarding tech, medical trends, holistic medicine, marketing, and tech related to the CBD industry. Other than that, the event also includes workshops in exciting and unique areas like CBD culinary science and extraction methods.

The event will be conducted during the 6th and 7th of October 2022.

9) EMS World Expo:

EMS World Expo is the world’s premier EMS-dedicated event and, for over three decades, has been THE educational event for EMS professionals. The event hosts EMS leaders and experts from around the world, providing them a platform to share the latest research, demonstrate cutting-edge technologies and procedures, and propel the EMS and para-medicine industry in the right direction.

This year, the EMS World Expo will be held between the 10th and 14th of October 2022.

10) Orlando CME Conference:

The Orlando CME Conference informs physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners about the latest CME updates. Also, attendees receive a free, six-month access to Hospital Medicine Update on Demand. This means that, should you miss any of the live sessions, you can watch them later at your own convenience.

This event is the perfect definition of a working vacation: the classes and sessions are only conducted in the morning, leaving the rest of the day free for attendees to explore the area with their friends and family.

The event will begin on the 24th of October 2022 and last until the 27th.

11) Skin, Bones, Hearts, and Private Parts – 2022 CME Conference:

Skin, Bones, Hearts, and Private Parts offers one of the leading CME conferences, and addresses topics related to dermatology, cardiology, women’s health, orthopedics, and emergency medicine. The event hosts experienced and passionate speakers, allowing physicians, physician assistants, and nurses to obtain vital information and the confidence that they need to make quicker diagnosis, improve decision-making, and ultimately, improve the overall patient care experience.

This year, the event will be conducted between the 24th and 27th of October 2022.

12) ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo:

The ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo focuses on harmonization, modernization, and excellence in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and sciences. The event allows pharmaceutical professionals from around the world to engage in conversations critical to the industry.

The comprehensive educational program offers technical information regarding the most advanced developments in operations, supply chain, equipment, facilities, industry innovation, production systems, product development, regulatory guidance, and quality systems.

A signature event, the ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo attracts biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical professionals from all industry levels – from senior executives to emerging leaders – in equipment and services, supply chain, drug manufacturing, and regulatory agencies.

The event will be conducted from the 30th of October until the 2nd of November 2022.

13) FMDA Annual Conference and Trade Show:

This conference has been designed to provide updates and reviews about the major geriatric and PALTA illnesses, diseases, and risks found present in nursing home patients, people living in assisted facilities, seniors residing at home, and patients under hospice care.

The trade show, meanwhile, will cover the best practices in the long-term and post-acute care continuum.

The conference will also comprise a poster competition where participants can submit entries related to pharmacology, clinical care, history of medicine, medical education, delivery of medical care, medical direction, economics of medicine, medicinal ethics, and long-term pediatric care.

The event will begin on the 3rd of November and conclude on the 6th of November 2022.

14) Annual Training Conference and Expo:

This event is hosted by the NHCAA, the leading body responsible for addressing, combating, and preventing healthcare fraud.

The Annual Training Conference and Expo will provide an inviting platform for attendees and speakers to exchange information and ideas about the best practices related to the detection, investigation, and prosecution of abuse, waste, and fraud in the healthcare industry.

The event will be held between the 15th and 18th of November 2022.

15) ACE Summit and Reverse Expo:

For almost a decade, the ACE Summit and Reverse Expo has offered quality education and product-sourcing opportunities for leaders in healthcare facilities, construction, support services, capital projects, capital equipment, and real estate planning and design.

The unique, Reverse Expo format means that all parties get an equal opportunity to make efficient use of their resources and time.

The event will begin on the 20th of February 2023, and end on the 22nd of Feb.

16) American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine Convention and Preconvention & Exhibition:

This event will cover the best practices and cutting-edge technologies in the world of diagnostic ultrasound, along with various medicinal products, student education services, and patient care services.

The five days of this event will comprise unique educational sessions, a diverse program, and more abstract submissions than ever before. 

The event will be held between the 23rd and 29th of March 2023.

17) Spring Managed Care Forum:

The Spring Managed Care Forum will bring together members of the AAIHDS (American Association of Integrated Healthcare Delivery System), AAMCN (American Association of Managed Care Nurses), and NAMCP Medical Directors institute, along with other healthcare executives. The forum will be providing attendees with:

  • The latest information about the current problems facing care delivery
  • The latest information about clinical treatment advances
  • Best practices for care delivery businesses
  • Marketplace lessons about improving patient care

The opening presentation on each day will be a general session addressing a particular high-level managed care concern (such as the outlook of healthcare delivery), and will have to be attended by all the participants. Following this session would be various track sessions that are optional to attend. These sessions will cover aspects like emerging medical tech, biotech, genomics and oncology, management of population health, and business.

The event will be held from 27th to 28th April, 2023.

18) Hypnosis Alliance Annual Hypno Expo Conference:

The Hypno Expo is one of the most cost-effective conferences across the country, allowing participants to refuel their tanks, recharge their batteries, and find growth and inspiration while walking down the alleys, rekindling old friendships and establishing new ones.

The conference will include educational sessions from some of the best and brightest minds in the hypnotism field. It is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills, explore new opportunities, and experience personal and professional growth.

The event will be held from the 19th of May until the 21st of May 2023.

19) Southern States Symposium Expo:

This event is the USA’s largest dental lab industry meeting, hosted by the FDLA (Florida Dental Laboratory Association). The expo and educational sessions will equip you with important, latest, and accurate information regarding the tech and trends defining the dental laboratory industry.

FDLA provides AGD, RG/CDT, and Florida State approved credits, which means that students will receive continuing education credits for each course that they attend during the symposium.

The event will be conducted on the 9th and 10th of June 2023.

20) NAMSS Educational Conference and Exhibition:

NAMSS Educational Conference and Exhibition focuses on ensuring patient safety and providing quality healthcare. The conference aims to enhance professional recognition for and development of professionals belonging to the medical field.

The event will be held between the 11th and 14th of September 2023.

21) AMCP Nexus Orlando:

AMCP Nexus Orlando is an event that comprehensively introduces the basic concepts pertaining to managed care pharmacy. It aims to make medicine more accessible and affordable to patients, improve healthcare dollars, and make wiser use of tax dollars committed to healthcare.

The event is conducted once every five years, and the next edition will be held from 16th to 19th October 2023.

22) AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition:

This event displays and demonstrates products like Bulk Chemical Synthesis, Biotechnical services, Biological Sample Analytics, Bioinformatics, Bio-analytical Chemistry, Automated Bio-extraction, Apparel, ADME Services, and ADME Applications.

The conference will be conducted from the 22nd to 26th of October 2023. 

23) ASCP Meeting and Exhibition:

The ASCP Meeting and Exhibition is a unique show that aims to advance and showcase the latest service and product areas related to better medicine usage and healthier aging.

This spring event is one of the most popular and exciting events, where attendees will be able to discuss, listen to, and present information and research regarding many different medical topics. The primary focus, however, will be on the application, integration, and development of knowledge about medicine use in older adults, and how senior care pharmacy can be improved to obtain better results.

   The event will be held between the 26th and 29th of October 2023.

24) ASCA Conference and Expo:

The ASCA Conference and Expo is a must-attend event for professionals belonging to the ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center) industry. The event will focus on the importance of the ambulatory surgery market, the new technologies and techniques that will define this industry, and ways to improve ambulatory surgery results.

The event will be an excellent opportunity for attendees to connect with their peers and colleagues, exchange ideas and best practices, and converse about the ambulatory surgery marketplace trends that are likely to have short- and long-term implications for ASCs.

The ASCA Conference and Expo will be held between the 17th and 20th of April 2024.

25)AAP National Conference and Exhibition:

The AAP National Conference and Exhibition will cover topics like newborn care, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and sports-related cardiac screening.

The educational sessions will consist of innovative and engaging material, council/section programming, and hands-on clinical skills.

The conference also presents a chance for attendees to reconnect with colleagues and friends, update themselves about the latest trends, and learn more about the ways to improve their and their patients’ mental and physical health.

This event will also have a number of interactive exhibits on display, related to areas like infant feeding and nutrition, healthcare, computer technology, publications, and recruiting. The exhibit program will offer several fun-filled activities for the attendees, including product theaters that will cover the emerging pediatric devices and products.

The AAP National Conference and Exhibition will be held during the 27th of September and 1st of October 2024.

26) American Counseling Associations Annual Conference and Exposition:

The ACA Annual Conference and Exposition is the premier event for students, licensed professionals, and other mental health professionals looking to develop professionally and improve their networks. Attendees will also receive 15.5 continuing education credits against attending this two-day event.

The event will be held between the 27th and 30th of March, 2025.

Reasons to Attend a Medical Trade Show:

As you just discovered, there are any number of medical tradeshows and expos available to medical professionals. Most doctors and surgeons around the world attend at least one medical trade show or conference every year, because of the following reasons:

Continuing Education:

Many states, licenses, titles, and medical degrees require healthcare professionals to obtain their CEUs (Continuing Education Credits). Many tradeshows and conferences, including quite a few discussed on the above list, fulfill the criteria established for CEUs, and attending such events will help you fulfill your particular CEU requirements.

Networking Opportunities:

Attending a tradeshow allows you to interact with like-minded people belonging to the same field (in this case, medicine). Alongside DOs, NPs, MDs, and PDs, you are also surrounded by software developers that can help you streamline your business processes and make things easier for your medical organization.


Attending reputable medical tradeshows provides you with industry-related insight that you might not have come across otherwise. Tradeshows and expos have a variety of self-paced, breakout, and major sessions, and our suggestion is to try to attend every one of the major sessions. These educational sessions are excellent educational tools that you can use in your practice, and enable you to interact with other individuals experiencing the same challenges or victories as you.

Final Word:

To sum up, Florida is home to some of the world’s premier medical tradeshows and conferences. These events allow you to rekindle and expand your network; learn about the latest techniques, practices, and technologies that will shape and reshape the medical world; listen to some of the leaders and pioneers in the medicine world discussing their ideas, opinions, and research; and, last but not the least, get a taste of the Floridian life.

In order to maximize the benefits from a tradeshow, make sure to attend one that is relevant to your field of interest or practice and has a proven track record of success, walk in there with a solid plan for every day of the event and, last but not the least, do not forget to have fun. 

It is important to note that the events listed in this guide are not ranked in any way or form, and have only been numbered for the convenience of the reader.  To learn more about the best tradeshows in Florida and elsewhere in the United States, please feel free to check out some of the other blogs on our website.

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