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35 Top Trade Shows In Orlando, Florida

Top trade shows in Orlando, Florida
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It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that Orlando is to trade shows what Miami is to tourism in Florida. The city attracts numerous organizers and exhibitors every year and sees a variety of trade shows. But the frequency of Orlando trade shows is not the only factor worth considering. The quality and variety of the top Orlando trade shows and the exhibitors and attendees they attract are some of the best in the country. And if you wish to check out the top trade shows in Orlando, this list can help.

35 Top Orlando Trade Shows

Many of the following trade shows are regulars, i.e., they happen every year though not necessarily at the same time. The others might have a different frequency or are one-time conventions/trade shows. As it’s one of the most popular event destinations in the city, Orlando convention center trade shows naturally dominate the list.

The numbers in each trade show reflect the stats the organizers or third parties offered at the time of writing this article and may be different for the actual event and will most likely be different from one year to another. The goal is to give you an idea of the scale of each trade show (wherever possible).

APTA EXPO Orlando 2021

1) FHCA Annual Conference

The Florida Health Care Association or FHCA is an annual event that attracts healthcare professionals (as attendees) and businesses (as exhibits). The event lasts for five days, and the trade show will happen on the second and third days of the event. For the 2022 event, the trade show has attracted over 280 exhibitors showcasing their long-term care products and services (the theme/topic of the event). The show includes an online auction, a wine toss, and lunch, making it more attractive for potential attendees.

It’s a must-attend for healthcare industry professionals, especially the ones connected to the long-term care industry.

2) FAMP Annual Convention & Trade Show

Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals (FAMP) convention has been happening for over six decades and attracts real estate professionals, especially mortgage brokers and lenders, from all over the state. As a trade show for industry professionals, it offers a lot of networking opportunities. It also attracts hundreds of exhibitors sharing top-of-the-line mortgage products and mortgage-related services. It usually takes place in Orlando, but the dates and the venue differ from year to year. The same goes for the annual theme of the event, which usually addresses the current dynamics of the industry.

3) FCA National Convention & Expo

The year 2022’s Florida Chiropractic Association is expected to be one of the largest events for the chiropractic profession in the world. The trade show will have over 300 exhibits and over 2,000 attendees. It’s attracting all sorts of businesses and not just professional chiropractors and clinics. That includes massage businesses, herbal healthcare companies, and tech companies with cutting-edge medical tools (like laser-based tools for surgeries, etc.). With this diversity of exhibits and the attendance number the show is expecting, the event will offer amazing networking opportunities to Chiropractic professionals.

4) Central Florida Home Expo

The Central Florida Home Expo promises to be more than just another home expo. It’s the first show on this list that is open to everyone, and there is no entry fee. It manages to attract a decent number of local and national investors. The core of the trade show is exhibitors that showcase their products and services related to home improvement projects. Homeowners can also meet contractors they can hire for these jobs. The goal is to help homeowners connect with construction industry professionals and help the latter find potential customers.

5) Infosec World Conference & Expo

While it’s not hosted in Orlando per se, rather Lake Buena Vista, it’s part of the same metropolitan county that Orlando is. It’s a leading cybersecurity conference that attracts professionals and industry leaders from across the country and has an impressive attendee profile. More than half the audience is composed of C-suite executives and directors, making it an ideal place for networking in this niche industry. Thanks to the highly evolving discipline of cybersecurity, the trade show exhibitions and key-note speakers likely shed light on some of the most cutting-edge tools and technologies.

6) EMS World Expo

The Emergency Medical Services or EMS World Expo is one of the largest events/trade shows of its kind, and in 2022, it’s taking place in Orlando. It’s a community-focused event that attracts EMS professionals from around the globe (from over 20 countries this year). It has been around for the last three decades and attracts a decent number of sponsors every year. There is a dedicated affiliate meeting space and an exhibitor advisory council.

7) NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition

National Business Aviation Association is a sizable convention that attracts over 1,000 businesses from the aviation industry. Cutting-edge aviation technologies are one of the key focuses of the exhibition, but it attracts exhibitors from other industries as well, including web development/digital marketing, manufacturing, chemical, etc. As one of the most influential aviation events in the country, it attracts a potent pool of attendees and, consequently, a decent number of exhibitors.

8) The World Money Show

The World Money Show is geared more towards the general public and businesses that are looking to expand their financial understanding and understand the current trends that are reshaping the financial markets. It’s an education-oriented event that comes with an interactive exhibit hall showcasing top-of-the-line investment and trading tools. It may also allow attendees to look into alternative financial products (like crypto). It attracts some of the largest names in the financial industry, including Fidelity investments and Forbes.

9) DEMA Show

DEMA, or The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association, includes businesses associated with scuba diving and ocean water sports. It’s a yearly event, and it’s happening in Orlando in 2022, 2025, and 2028. The show even allows exhibitors that are not their members to join the trade show, but the exhibit space fee and the new product showcase fees for them are higher. As a trade-only show, it’s only open to the members of the industry.

10) FMDA Annual Conference and Trade Show

The Florida Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine FMDA is about promoting the highest quality care for patients in long-term care. The society aims to educate and guide professionals in the best possible care solutions. It attracts a decent number of healthcare professionals associated with long-term care, including directors, nurses, caretakers at nursing homes, etc. The trade show almost always happens near the year-end (October or November). It also offers different tiers of sponsorships to its exhibitors (gold, silver, bronze).

11) NAR NXT The Realtor Experience

The NAR NXT expo is focused on a specific innovation that the Realtor’s association aims to educate the attendees about. It’s expected to be a significant event, attracting over 10,000 attendees and over 250 exhibitors. The trade show is a great place for real estate professionals, especially brokers, to learn about the current trends and cutting-edge tools and technologies that are available in the market. The trade show also includes lectures/educational content from over a hundred speakers.

12) Athletic Business Show

The Athletic Business Show focuses on four target markets – athletics, fitness, recreation, and military, which makes it a trade show with a much wider scope than most others that only attract audiences from a niche market or market segment. Over 200 businesses are attending the trade show as exhibitors, showcasing their products and services. It’s ideal for finding B2B clients as well as creating healthy partnerships and networking. There are over 2,300 attendees expected.

13) FBA Conference & Expo

The Franchise Brokers Association or FBA conference and Expo is another trade-only show for franchise brokers (independent contractors) and entrepreneurs. The registration price for exhibitors alone is quite significant (nearly $5,000). The event offers a great opportunity for industry peers to connect with each other and improve their networking. It has two main and a decent number of other sponsors.

14) IAAPA Expo

After two events (this year) in Europe, the International Association of Amusement Parks or IAAPA is conducting an Expo in Orlando. It’s all about the amusement industry and attracts people related to amusement parks, theme parks, zoos, aquariums, and other areas of the amusement industry from all over the world. The show draws in a large international crowd and a healthy number of sponsors (divided into three tiers). The exhibitors can showcase innovations that they have or are planning to introduce in their parks, zoos, etc.

IAAPA Expo Show 2021


The I/ITSEC or Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference is one of the largest events of its kind around the world. The event is quite rich in variety and includes many things, including a trade show. Since the event has a very broad scope, it attracts exhibitors from several different industries and a wide variety of professional attendees. The broader aim of the conference is to bring together technologies and experts related to training and teaching. This may include simulations, AI-based learning tools, and other exhibits in the same vein.

16) NASP Meeting & Expo

The National Association of Speciality Pharmacy (NASP) invites members from the pharmacy and broader healthcare industry that are either connected to or are interested in specialty medicine. The expo usually manages to sign a decent number and variety of sponsors and a healthy number of exhibitors that wish to use this expo to connect with decision-makers and leaders of the industry. Even though the focus is specialty medicine, the show is sponsored and attended by many mainstream pharmaceutical companies as well.

17) FRPA Conference & Exhibition

The Florida Recreation & Park Association or FRPA conducts an annual conference of local recreation professionals. The core aim of the conference is to educate industry professionals on current trends and technologies. But it also includes a trade show that connects these professionals with businesses that offer products and services related to parks and recreation. This year, the organizers project to fill over 200 exhibition booths.

18) AABB Annual Meeting

The Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies brings together industry professionals with industry leaders and experts and companies in this particular domain. For a niche healthcare segment, the meeting draws a decent crowd – over 3,500 professionals. The goal of this conference is to share the latest technologies and best practices. About 150 exhibitors are expected to attend this meeting/trade show.

19) Florida Bridal & Wedding Expo

It’s a show that’s open to the general public. Or, more specifically, a segment of the general public, i.e., people who are about to get married. This expo allows them to connect with most (if not all) the types of businesses they will need to deal with when arranging their wedding. From dressmakers and bakers to DJs and makeup artists, this show connects many businesses with prospective brides and grooms. It’s an opportunity for these businesses to connect with their target audience directly and make an impact.

20) FNSC Expo

The Food & Nutrition Conference or FNSC and Expo is sponsored and organized by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It’s one of the largest (if not the largest) collections of food and nutrition experts from around the globe. Celebrity key-note speakers draw in a decent crowd, and exhibitors get the chance to make a solid impression on them with their innovative products, ideas, and services.

21) CETA Powerclean

Cleaning Equipment Trade Association is a non-profit association of a variety of businesses and cleaning equipment industry stakeholders. The Powerclean trade show aims to bring together members of this industry to foster better relationships and facilitate the sharing of ideas and good practices. The sponsor portfolio is powerful enough to endorse the trade show’s credibility and impact and draw in a lot of attendees and investors.

22) Global Produce & Floral Show

The target audience of the Global Produce and Floral Show is the entire fresh produce and floral supply chain, i.e., all the stakeholders from various segments within the industry. It’s a massive show that already has well over 800 exhibitors signed up. The per square feet rate for the booths is also significantly lower than most conventions, which may account for the higher exhibitor numbers. It may also reflect a huge attendance.

23) FRLA Show

Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show, organized by the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association or FRLA, is one of the most prominent events for Florida’s hospitality industry. It connects buyers, mostly associated with the Florida hospitality industry, with businesses that can cater to them with their products and services. At least 4,000 attendees are expected.

24) ASI Show

The ASI or Advertising Specialty Institute show usually takes place three times a year in different places. Members of the ASI usually have some additional perks, but it’s worth attending even for the non-members. A lot of industry experts and businesses attend these shows to gain new ideas and look into the current industry trends. The networking potential that one of the largest marketing associations in the world offers is reason enough for most exhibitors to attend this trade show.

25) PGA Show

The Professional Golfers’ Association of America or PGA show is one of the largest events of its kind in the world. It’s focused on businesses and individuals associated with golf and aims to foster better relationships and improve networking within this industry. Exhibitors get to connect with over 35,000 PGA professionals and showcase their products to potential buyers. The exhibitor businesses range from golf cart manufacturers and apparel companies to companies offering cutting-edge solutions to golf course owners.

26) Surf Expo

Surf Expo focuses on the surfing industry and has been bringing together surfing enthusiasts, professionals, businesses, and retailers, since 1976. It’s a place where surfing businesses identify new trends and connect with the target audience. As the largest and longest-running trade show in the beach lifestyle and watersports (predominantly surfing), it has developed quite a reputation. It’s a must-attend for businesses associated with surfing directly (surfboards and gear), beach apparel, and even resorts.

27) The NAFEM Show

The North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturing or NAFEM show focuses on food service equipment and supplies. It allows the professionals and businesses in the food service industry to learn about the new techniques and technologies being employed and new equipment trends that they should look into to improve their business prospects. Exhibitors can showcase their innovations and new ideas to a primed audience and potentially win contracts that may accelerate their sales for the year.

28) Global Pet Expo

The Global Pet Expo is organized by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA). It’s focused on pet products, i.e., new products, innovations, new designs, unique concepts, etc. It’s expected to draw in a sizable crowd, i.e., over 12,000 attendees. The exhibitor and new product predictions are also quite ambitious (over 1,000 new products).

29) TMC Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition

Transportation is one of the most dynamic industries there are and is going through some radical changes thanks to EVs. It attracts the top professionals in fleet technology and maintenance management. Over 5,000 attendees are expected at the show, as well as over 380 exhibitors. They may include businesses from a wide variety of transportation technology domains.

30) Veterinary Meeting & Expo

The Veterinary Meeting and Expo in 2023 will be the 40th one in the row. One edge the show is prominently marketing is a relatively low registration fee, which may lead to a higher number of attendees – more incentive for exhibitors to attend. The trade show organizers have tried to combine virtual with physical, and all booths will come with a virtual booth as well. The show attracts over 5,700 vets, around 1,000 students, over 1,600 vet nurses/techs, and well over 3,000 exhibitors.

31) Enterprise Connect

The Enterprise Connect event targets the decision-makers, i.e., managers and c-suite executives from the IT industry. And it allows them to connect with other prominent members of the IT community, including analysts, consultants, and vendors. The goal is sharing of ideas and introduction to new technologies.

32) APP2P Conference & Expo

The Accounts Payable and Procure-to-Pay also called AP&P2P, or simply APP2P, has an annual conference that brings together professionals from a niche industry within the financial sector. The event attracts (along with its other yearly counterparts) about 1,300 participants every year and allows industry experts to make meaningful connections with one another through face-to-face interaction.

33)The Franchise Show

It’s a two-day show organized by the Entrepreneur’s Source, a career ownership coaching company. The event attracts entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries and a healthy number of exhibitors. The organizers of the show have a proven track record of conducting productive trade shows (both for exhibitors and audiences) spanning over two decades.

34) Premiere Orlando – Beauty Trade Show Event

Premiere Orlando is an international beauty event that claims to be the largest beauty show in the country. It attracts numerous beauty experts and businesses associated with beauty products and the fashion industry. The show predicts a massive attendance, over 60,000 people, mostly from the US but a few from other countries as well. The show also boasts a massive online audience which gives exhibitors an extra marketing boost.

35) FDC

The Florida Dental Convention or FDC focuses on dentists and other members of the dental care industry. It focuses more on the education of the attendees but manages to attract over 300 dental vendors (exhibitors). The convention only offers 10’x10′ and 10’x5′ booths to the exhibitors, but the fees are reasonable. It allows a wide variety of businesses to attend the convention as exhibitors.

Final Thoughts on The Best Orlando Trade Shows

These 35 of the top Orlando trade shows don’t encompass the enormity of the city’s trade show activity, but they should give you an idea of how rich it is. There are hardly long periods in the year when there isn’t a trade show in Orlando. Since most organizers have a broad classification for potential exhibitors, you may find yourself eligible to attend a huge number of trade shows in any given year.

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