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Trade Show Accessories: Full Guide

Trade Show Accessories
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For a business, attending a trade show can be akin to artists putting on a show in the theater. Just like artists set the stage and adorn it with several different elements to capture the audience’s imagination, exhibitors in a trade show have to capture the attention of the attendees.

And to do that, they have to set the booth in a compelling and inviting manner for their target audience. Their stage is responsible for drawing in the crowd before they can engage the audience with the marketing or educational material. This requires a booth with all the core elements and trade show accessories.  

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What are trade show accessories?

Trade show accessories supplement the core elements of a trade show booth and lend it additional visual/marketing appeal. In a standard trade show booth, which is the primary marketing/branding source, furniture, and hardware (laptops, computers, and LEDs)form the core of an exhibitor’s “display” at a trade show. And they are sustained and augmented with trade show accessories. For example, an LED display might be considered a standard part of a booth, but monitor mounts are the accessory that allows exhibitors to utilize the LED’s potential fully. A booth is used to engage attendees from the inside, but it can be accentuated with counters and bars. 

Trade show accessories bring a booth to life and augment its visual appeal and functionality. If you are designing your trade show booth yourself, you must ensure that you have all the right accessories to complete the booth. If you are renting a booth, you should convey beforehand the accessories you will need and go through the itemized list of what will be provided with the standard booth installation. 

Why trade show accessories are an excellent option for your next trade show

Some trade show accessories are integral to the booth, and you can’t set it up without them. Others accentuate the booth and extend its marketing range and appeal, sometimes beyond its direct premises. And if you haven’t relied upon trade show accessories so far and are used to operating with bare essentials, there are a few reasons you might consider using trade show accessories for your next trade show.

  • Unleashing The Full Power Of Your Exhibit: A well-designed booth can help you achieve your trade show goals, even if it’s not augmented with accessories. But it’s akin to undermining its full potential. The right accessories can highlight your trade show booth’s strengths and visual appeal, attracting more attendees and potentially more sales. If your primary goal is spreading awareness and educating your target audience, certain accessories like kiosks, interactive displays, and tablet stands can help you streamline and improve the original process. 
  • Improves Your ROI: Trade show accessories may seem an additional expense to many exhibitors, but they usually improve your ROI instead of increasing your overhead costs. For example, if overhead banners and banner stands near entrances can even drive 10% more traffic to your booth, the returns will improve far beyond the small additional investment you make in the accessories. 
  • Engaging More Attendees: Many attendees are more comfortable with a screen than a human and may prefer to engage your brand electronically, even when visiting your booth at a trade show. This is the portion of the audience you may lose if you rely solely upon the core elements of the booth and the attendants to attract and engage your target audience. With the right accessories in place, you can also engage these attendees, boosting your target audience numbers and potentially attracting a more extensive customer base than your original target. 
  • Creating A Larger Impact: Some of the accessories, especially the ones associated with trade show displays, can help you extend your presence beyond booth premises. Even if you don’t attract more people to your booth, you can still create an impression on the people who simply see your displays. And if your banners and visual marketing elements are compelling enough, they may instill your brand name in their minds. These are the people you may miss if you remain limited to your booth and don’t rely upon trade show accessories. 

Types of trade show accessories

Trade show booth accessories are one of the richest trade show product categories. These accessories can be supporting items to standard trade show booth elements or unique, niche products that are only relevant to certain businesses and industries. Some of the most common types of trade show accessories are: 

  • Trade Show Counters: A trade show counter combines branding with functionality. It allows you to deal with attendees, serves as a tabletop for marketing literature, and the exterior is branded with your company name, logo, or any specific product/service that’s the focal point of the booth. It can also be used to mount tablets that the attendees might interact with. You can also use it for computers and laptops that you use while engaging with the attendees, possibly to collect data or showcase anything specific. Trade show counters are one of the most crucial trade show booth accessories. You may use multiple counters in one booth, engaging with the audience on multiple fronts. 
  • Kiosks: From small, niche trade shows in Orlando to large, open-to-public trade shows in Miami, Kiosks are a common sight. Most Kiosks are small, interactive screens mounted on a dedicated stand that allows trade show attendees to digitally interact with a business on sight. They may offer information, show videos, allow attendees to book a meeting with exhibitors, or perform a number of other tasks. Up until a few years ago, many people opted for direct human interaction and then using a Kiosk to gain information about a booth/company in a trade show. Nowadays, when people are intimately familiar with touch screens (thanks to their screens), more people are likely to find Kiosks helpful and may allow them to engage with a brand/business at a trade show. 
  • Bars: Bars are a bit different from trade show counters. They may or may not be branded and can be attended by multiple people at once. Bars are more “basic” than a counter which is usually the first point of contact with an attendee. They usually give you more surface area to work with. 
  • Interactive Displays: Holograms might be one of the best things for trade shows in the future and one of the most compelling trade show display accessories. In the meanwhile, we can rely on interactive displays to create a tech-savvy and engaging exhibition booth. Most interactive displays can be classified as Kiosks, but unlike most Kiosks that offer the hardware and functionality of traditional tablets and computers, interactive bars can be different. They come with specialized hardware/special LEDs that allow for a higher level of interactivity. This appeals to attendees, and in idle mode, the display screens can be used to promote the company or brand. 
  • Charging Stations/Tables: Charging stations and tables have become one of the most prominent trade show booth accessories, thanks to the sheer number of electronics in our everyday lives. From personal cell phones of the booth attendants to tablets, laptops, and other electronic items present in the booth, everything needs charging. You can also offer them to the trade show attendees visiting your booth. These charging stations and tables, i.e., trade show cell phone accessories, double as branding/marketing elements. You can install fabric-based (or something similar) marketing banners on the charging table top. More cutting-edge ones come with LED displays that can be used for more than just displaying your company’s logo. 
  • Monitor Mounts: LED monitors are an important part of trade show booths. They can be part of the marketing display or be used to educate attendees about the product. These can be connected to laptops, computers, and even mobile phones to display the relevant information. But to ensure that the attendees have the best possible visual access, they have to be mounted at a certain height and angle, which is possible with the right monitor mounts. This makes them one of the most important trade show accessories.
  • LED Lightboxes: Different types of fabric displays and rigid panel graphics can be mounted on LED light boxes that illuminate them from within. This makes them prominent and visible from long distances while still remaining easy on the eyes. They are far cheaper than dedicated digital displays and offer a lot of flexibility. LED lightboxes come in various shapes and sizes, including single-side and double-side lightboxes. You can also find them in an L-shape and in various thicknesses. 
  • Tablet Stands: Tablet stands might seem like one of the redundant trade show booth accessories if you already have Kiosks, but they are not. Many businesses already have tablets as part of their regular office inventory, and they can bring those tablets to allow more people to digitally engage with the brand at a trade show. The stands make them stand out, and attendees that might avoid tablets lying on a trade show counter may use these tablets to find out more about the brand if they are placed at a corner of the booth, away from the crowd. They come in a variety of options, from small tabletop stands to taller, Kiosk style stands with options to mount one or multiple tablets simultaneously (each on its own side). 
  • Banner Stands: Even in this world of electronics, traditional banners are a great way to catch the attention of trade show attendees. A good banner mounted on a banner stand and displayed in a prominent location can also help divert more foot traffic towards the booth. These banner stands come in different varieties, and you should choose the one that best matches your banner design. As one of the most compelling trade show display accessories, banner stands can help you attract attendees from far away, higher footfall areas as well. 
  • Overhead Hanging Signs: One problem that exhibitors have in trade shows held in massive spaces is that it’s difficult to catch the eye of attendees just entering the hall. You can use banners near the entrance, but a more elegant solution is an overhead hanging sign. They may help potential customers see your booth from far away. Branded overhead hanging signs vary in style from a simple horizontal banner to a circular or four-sided branded sign.  Check our guide to the overhead trade show hanging signs.
  • Hand Sanitizer Solutions: Hand sanitizer stations and similar solutions are not a typical trade show accessory. They gained traction during the pandemic. But it can still be a compelling accessory for the portion of the audience that takes preventive measures seriously. It’s also a good idea at an exhibition booth where a lot of attendees will touch the same items. These sanitizers can be branded or unbranded. Some vendors may even customize their existing solutions to fit your needs or get them custom-built to your specifications, like a sanitizer station with pedal control. 
  • Columns: Display columns and showcase columns are useful when you want to highlight one particular product like a new phone, electronic gadget, a scent, etc. The showcase columns also allow you to display a product prominently without allowing the attendees to touch it. This can be useful when you are displaying a range of products but want to draw special attention to one or a few products. This is one of the trade show accessories that are useful in only certain cases and doesn’t have a place in all exhibitions. 
  • Lights: While most display halls are adequately lit, you may still need lights in your booth. These lights can also help you bring attention to a specific part of your booth. They can also be used to light up banners and other branding icons from the outside (as opposed to from the inside, like a lightbox does). 

Some of these trade show accessories (light boxes, banner stands, etc.) directly support trade show displays, making them an integral part of the visual appeal of a trade show booth. Without these accessories, harnessing the full power of trade show display elements wouldn’t be possible. This is an example of the blurred lines between the core elements of a trade show and what’s classified as accessories. 

We provide all kinds of trade show accessories

Everything Tradeshows is Florida’s premier trade show booth design and rental company. It also offers a wide range of trade show booth accessories that can benefit a wide range of exhibitors hailing from multiple industries. And this range is not just limited to the accessory types the company offers but also includes several options within each type. From several different counters to multiple charging tables/stations, Everything Tradeshows has almost every accessory you may need for your next trade show.

The company predominantly operates in the Florida trade show hotspots like Miami and Orlando and the city it’s headquartered in – Fort Lauderdale. However, it caters to exhibitors all over the country. 

And even though accessories, including all the trade show display accessories, are within our expertise, we specialize in hanging signs. From designing impactful signs for your exhibit which are bound to catch the eye of a lot of attendees to hanging them in optimal positions (while adhering to the organizer’s rules), we help exhibitors harness the full potential of hanging signs. Our existing collection and the signs we’ve prepared for our past clients can give you an idea of our skill and creativity with hanging signs and how you can leverage these skills. 

Request A Quote For The Trade Show Accessories Of Your Choice

Check out all the trade show accessories we currently have available in our inventory. Our extensive inventory usually has a right fit for most exhibitors, but if you don’t find what you are looking for, you can always reach out to us with your specific request. We will let you know if we can arrange the requisite accessories for you at a reasonable price. 

And if you’ve found the accessories you were looking for, click here to get a free quote. We offer highly competitive prices and complete transparency, so our clients never have to worry about hidden charges. 

What makes Everything Tradeshows unique as a provider of trade show accessories

There are several reasons why Everything Tradeshows stand out as a trade show accessories provider, not just in Florida but in many other states:

  • Our extensive range of accessories and several options within each accessory type.
  • Arranging custom-built accessories for clients that need something special and unique.
  • Delivery and installation on-site (with booth rentals). 
  • Our booth design and installation experience allow us to provide valuable consultation to clients regarding the accessories they might need in our booth.
  • Accessories are available in all price ranges – from modest to high-end. 
  • Rental accessories in decent conditions with minimal obvious signs of wear and tear. 

But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to our client’s success. Reach out to us and find out how we and our accessories can help you meet your trade show goals. 

Final Thoughts on Trade Show Accessories 

Trade show booth accessories are more than just add-ons. They are the supplemental resources that can enhance your booth’s presence in a trade show and boost its visual appeal. The right trade show accessories can help you bring out the best of your exhibition and outshine your competitors, and an absence of necessary accessories might divert primed attendees away from you. So don’t undermine the potential of your trade show booth, and reach out to us to gain access to a wealth of useful trade show accessories. 

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