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Trade Show Hanging Signs: Full Guide

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What Are Trade Show Hanging Signs?

Hanging signs, also referred to as swing signs, are double-sided, eye-catching signs attached to storefronts. Since hanging signs can be viewed from two directions, they allow more attendees to notice your sign and, if they find the sign interesting, visit your tradeshow booth.

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Why Trade Show Hanging Signs are a Great Option?

For the duration of the trade show, your booth is like your business headquarters, and the hanging sign over the booth is the equivalent of your storefront sign. There are a couple of key reasons that you should consider adding a hanging sign to your booth:

1)   Trade Show Hanging Signs Help You Stand Out from the Crowd:

A hanging sign allows your current and potential customers to find your business on a packed and busy trade show floor. Reserving a booth does not come cheap, and it is vital that you maximize every square foot of space available to you. Creating a noticeable overhead presence like a hanging sign draws attention towards your booth and prompts more people to pay a visit. The more traffic you attract, the more leads you will generate, and, ultimately, the more customers you will create.

To put it differently, you probably spend a lot of money to make your presence felt in other marketing platforms (SEO or paid social media advertising, for instance). The tactics should not be any different for your tradeshow booth, since the main reason that you are exhibiting is to stand out like the sunshine amidst a sea of candles. Your hanging sign is crucial to this objective, since it is the very first thing that the attendees are likely to notice.

Trade show hanging sign

2)   Trade Show Hanging Signs Help Create Brand Awareness:

Whether you have a new brand that you want to spread the word about, or have an established brand that you want to remind people about, a hanging sign is a great way to achieve either objective. Even if your target customers remember your brand, they will likely scan the entire tradeshow floor looking for your brand colors (this is true, since finding colors is far easier for us than reading text).

Hence, we recommend putting up a large hanging sign and making your brand color combination or palette as prominent as possible. These small details can go a long way in making you stand out from your tradeshow rivals.

❗Check our gallery of trade show hanging signs to get inspired or view the types of trade show hanging signs Everything Tradeshows offers.

Choosing a Shape and Size for Your Trade Show Hanging Sign:

Trade show hanging sign

Pick a Versatile Size of Your Trade Show Hanging Sign:

If you have multiple trade shows lined up in the future, make sure to go for a hanging sign size that will be compatible with those other booth sizes.

Consider the Location:

Location is everything – and that is not just true for real estate. Having a firm understanding of the location of your booth with respect to the natural flow of traffic will give you a fair idea about the right size and shape for your hanging sign.

We recommend going for square or rectangular hanging signs, since most booth spaces are rectangle or square. Not only will this ensure that your sign blends nicely with the rest of the booth, but will also offer a floating billboard from all angles. Having said that, some businesses do prefer rotating booth signs; if that is the case with you, a circular sign is probably going to work the best.

Understand the Booth Rules:

Every trade show has its own set of rules, and this sometimes includes the size limit for booth hanging signs. For instance, smaller booths like 10×20’ or 10×10’ might not allow large hanging signs. For a 20×20’ booth, meanwhile, you might have a one-foot setback surrounding the parameter, which means that the largest sign size for that space would be 18×18’. Like we said, the rules vary from show to show, which is why it is best to consult your Exhibitor Manual before choosing a sign size.

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How to Design an Effective Hanging Sign for Your Booth?

Overhead trade show hanging sign

Make Your Hanging Sign Neat and Simple:

Like we mentioned, your hanging sign is perhaps the first thing that an attendee will notice about your booth, which is why your sign needs to stand out and effectively represent your brand and business.

However, at the same time, an effective hanging sign should also be clean and simple. This means using a white backdrop, along with clear and bold fonts for the text. This will not only make the sign easy to read and comprehend but will also make it distinguishable even from a distance. Remember, there is a major difference between being simple and being boring. A minimalistic design can be professional, clear, straightforward and, when done right, eye-catching and attractive.

Use Your Hanging Sign to Introduce Your Business or Brand:

Alongside being easy to understand, a well-designed trade show hanging sign also provides vital information about your brand and offerings.

Typically, a hanging sign mentions the name of your brand or business. However, if you want, you can add some extra details, such as a one-liner about your products or services or your brand catchphrase/slogan.

If you do not want to add a slogan or one-liner, adding visuals is also an excellent idea. Including easy-to-understand symbols, designs, or icons work really well for trade show hanging signs, since they give the attendees a fair idea about your business and, once again, the products or services that you have to offer.

Pick an Eye-Catching and Visually-Attractive Design Of Your Hanging Sign:

By and large, trade shows are about providing the ideal visual experience. So, if you really want to use your hanging sign to make your presence felt, we recommend including some smart and intuitive graphics that could help lure the attention of passersby. Alongside choosing the right graphics and visuals, you also need to make sure that you are utilizing the right colors, shades, and combinations. The colors need to be representative of your brand, while simultaneously being pleasing to the eye and attractive for your prospects.

Although flashy and bright colors do a good job of grabbing the viewers’ attention, they are more suited for events where the target audience is young children. If you are looking to target a more mature audience, neutral and pastel colors are your best bets.

Stay Consistent:

While there are many guidelines about creating the right hanging sign, staying focused on your target audience and brand values is perhaps the most important of the lot.

When designing a custom hanging design for a tradeshow, make sure to use consistent layouts, fonts, and colors across each banner and sign – this will make it easy for the viewer to deduce that the sign belongs to your brand. An effective and consistent trade show hanging banner will help you imprint your business and brand into the memories of your visitors.

❗Are you interested in hanging signs? Check our gallery of trade show hanging signs to get inspired or view the types of trade show hanging signs Everything Tradeshows offers.

  Preparations to Make Before a Trade Show:

1)   Shipping Label:

The shipping label for the hanging sign is usually provided by the trade show contractor, and can be found either in the Exhibitor’s Manual or the show website. The shipping label is very important since, alongside the UPS shipping label, this sign also needs to be affixed outside the package before it is shipped, so that it reaches the right destination and is then routed to the location where all the signs are stored until the day of the show. The label contains the company name and booth number that you provided to reserve the booth space.

2)   Equipment and Labor Order Form:

The second pre-show action that you need to take is to locate the Equipment and Labor order form. Like the shipping label, this form can also be found on either the Exhibitor’s Manual or the tradeshow website. You need to fill this form out and return it to the tradeshow as soon as possible (there are certain discounts that you can benefit from if you place your order by or before a certain date). A typical Equipment and Labor form will ask for the following information:

a)    Description, Weight, and Size of the Hanging Sign:

The show wants to know the weight and other details of the sign to make sure that they have the right equipment to put the sign up on the day of the show. If the sign is super-heavy, the show will likely use a chain lift or truss. They also need to determine the amount of weight placed on the ceiling and make sure that it does not exceed the total bearing limits.

b)    Placement and Position of the Hanging Sign:

Knowing the position and location of your sign allows the contractor to determine, logistically, how it will be executed. They also need to know the vertical distance (height) between the sign and the floor. We strongly recommend having a representative present at the site when the sign goes up, so that they can oversee the whole process and make suggestions wherever required.

c)    List of Equipment and Labor Rates:

Finally, this section will contain the rates and costs for putting up the hanging sign. This figure should be part of your marketing budget for the tradeshow.

Trade show hanging sign

Check our services and products:

At Everything Tradeshows, Hanging Signs are a Specialty:

Everything Tradeshows is one of the leading trade show experts in the USA, and goes above and beyond to ensure that its clients have an exceptional, seamless, and memorable trade show experience. The company customizes everything – including installation, exhibit design, warehousing, show management, shipping, and even dismantling – as per the clients’ requirements.

While the company is based in Florida, it delivers all of its products and services – including hanging signs – in numerous cities and states throughout the country. Clients can order all kinds of hanging signs, including circular, tapered circular, rectangular hanging, triangular hanging, and square hanging signs.

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Trade Show Hanging Signs FAQs:

How to Figure Out the Signs that I Need?

Everything Tradeshows will work hand-in-glove with you to help you determine your hanging sign requirements.

What Types of Signs Does the Company Provide?

Everything Tradeshows can design any customized outdoor or indoor sign required by the client.

How is the Sign Designed?

Everything Tradeshows has expert designers who work with the clients to come up with the perfect design. The company will also help with the designing of custom logos and graphics. Once a design has been completed, it will be presented to the client for approval.

What Kind of Businesses Does the Company Work With?

Everything Tradeshows works with businesses of all types and sizes.

Will the Company Install the Signs?

Yes, Everything Tradeshows will handle the entire process, including the installation (once the client has approved the design). The company also conducts a thorough post-installation inspection to ensure top-notch quality.

Does the Company Create Decals and Vinyl for Windows?

Yes, Everything Tradeshows can create customized vinyl, decals, or window graphics for any brand, company, or business.

What Makes the Company’s Signs Stand Out?

Everything Tradeshows is a certified preferred 3M graphics installer, boasting over twenty years of experience in designing and executing top-quality graphics and signage. As such, the company is more than capable of creating attractive and eye-catching hanging signs.

Does the Company Design Casino Signs?

Yes, Everything Tradeshows does design and install casino signs.

Does the Company Do Van Wraps?

Yes, clients can get van wraps designed and installed with Everything Tradeshows.

Can the Company Perform Sign Maintenance?

Yes, Everything Tradeshows’ installation team conducts repairs and maintenance on hanging signs.

Does the Company Design Building Signs?

Yes, Everything Tradeshow does design and install building signs.

Does the Company Design Lobby Signs?

Yes, Everything Tradeshow does design and install lobby signs.

Does the Company Offer Multiple Sizing Options?

Yes, hanging signs, as well as other tradeshow accessories, can be customized according to your precise and unique vision.

What is a Turnkey Rental?

Turnkey rentals are generic booth templates that Everything Tradeshows customizes with the client’s graphics, and then rents out for particular events. These booths are fully designed, constructed, shipped, and dismantled by Everything Tradeshows itself, thus ensuring a relaxed and hands-off tradeshow experience for the clients.

Does the Company Offer Promotional Items for In-Show Use?

Yes, clients can take their pick of the promotional materials they would like to use during the show. Everything Tradeshows has a custom storefront that clients can browse through to pick their promotional items.

Does the Company Offer Graphics and Signs?

Yes, Everything Tradeshow offers many different types of graphics and signs, including wall murals, banners, and office signs.

How Does Renting a Turnkey Booth Compare to Buying a Custom Booth?

The turnkey rental booths offered by Everything Tradeshows are all-in-one, which means that they can be rented out for a specific show, with the templates being already designed and streamlined for optimal use. A customized booth, on the other hand, offers more room for customization and can be bought for multiple tradeshows.

Will In-Person Tradeshows Return with COVID-19?

Yes, thanks to vaccination breakthroughs and herd immunity, in-person tradeshows are making a comeback. Precautionary measures like mandatory masks and social distancing are implemented to ensure that the attendees remain safe and healthy.

Why Exhibit at a Tradeshow?

A tradeshow provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their product, deliver crucial information, and conduct live product demonstrations to their target audience. There are many different trade shows for each profession and industry, which means that exhibitors are likely to connect to specific and relevant audiences.

Which Areas does the Company Serve?

Everything Tradeshows serves all 50 areas of the USA, along with countries in South America, Europe, and Asia. You can get a quote through the company’s website, regardless of your location.

We are based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and serve clients across entire Florida including cities like Miami, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale.

Can the Company Store the Hanging Sign?

Yes, Everything Tradeshows offers storage services and has three warehouses for this purpose.

How to Go About the Tradeshow Booth Designing Process?

The easiest way is to contact us and we will take it from there.

Ask Me Anything with Chris Chase

Clients start by giving Everything Tradeshows as much information about their booth as possible. Whether this is your first trade show or are a seasoned exhibitor, the company can help you out. After going through the information provided by the client, Everything Tradeshows reaches out with advice and recommendations about the type, design, and features of the booth suitable for that particular client. Then, the company will collaborate with the client to design a booth that perfectly meets all requirements and needs. Finally, the company will ship the tradeshow booth at the client’s given address, and also construct the booth for them.

What if I am on a Budget?

Everything Tradeshows works with its clients and does its best to cater to all types and sizes of budgets. The company has many different types of materials, sizes, and templates, and it can choose a combination that provides clients with the right booth type without exceeding the budget. From tower island displays to tension fabric pop-up displays, Everything Tradeshows, quite literally, has everything to offer.

Does the Company Provide Separate Display Products for Tradeshows?

Yes, clients can get many different types of display products, including counters, kiosks, tablet stands, and charging tables.

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