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Trade Show Furniture Rental: Full Guide

Trade Show Furniture Rental Guide
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It is said that opening the mind requires you to first capture the eye. Unsurprisingly, then, many businesses of all types and sizes utilize tradeshows and expos to spread the word about their product or service, generate leads, and create customers. When done right, a tradeshow exhibition can deliver terrific returns, even after you deduct the money, time, and any other resources that you might have committed to making the whole thing a success. 

Speaking of tradeshow resources, one of the most important pieces of the promotional tradeshow jigsaw is the furniture that you use, and the information covered in this guide will help you find this piece and fit it in the perfect place. 

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Types of Trade Show Furniture to Rent

Trade Show Furniture: Display Counters and Kiosks

Counters and kiosks are central to tradeshow furniture equipment since they are responsible for showcasing your entire setup. They also provide an interactive area for booth visitors where you can expose them to your business brand and message. 

A kiosk or counter is often the center of attention for attendees visiting a booth, providing a solid platform for interaction between the visitors and the business representatives. The attention that counters and kiosks are capable of getting makes them indispensable parts of any tradeshow. There are several customization options that can help you tailor the display counter as per the needs of your brand. 

Also, these counters come with larger displays that allow you to place more items. At the same time, they offer internal storage space which you can use to store any items that you do not want displayed. A few counters are large enough to even accommodate laptops or desktop computers. 

MOD-1570 Monitor Stand Kiosk

Trade Show Furniture: Seating and Chairs

Tradeshows involve a lot of walking and standing on the show floor, and seating arrangements are a sight for sore eyes (and feet). Hence, your tradeshow furniture should also involve a proper lounge with an inviting ambiance where visitors can sit and take a breather. 

Once again, the seating furniture can be customized in line with your brand requirements. 

CESS-026 Endless Chair

Trade Show Furniture: Portable Tables

Portable tables not only enhance the overall space dimension but also provide you with more room to effectively display the merchandise. Certain table designs (cocktail tables, for instance), promote conversation, which is perfect for brands wanting to make more meaningful connections with the visitors. These tabletops can include phone-charging booths and branded tops in order to provide some added convenience to customers after a long and exhausting day. 

Transportation of portable tables, as you would expect, is quite free of hassle, and these tables can easily be disassembled from one venue and reassembled at another, without additional help. This means that you can carry these tables to the event with you and set them up whenever needed, without having to pay for extra assistance. 

Besides, these tables can be reused as many times as you want. You can take your pick from a wide range of color schemes, materials, and designs and create a table that is according to your unique requirements. 

The most common materials used for portable tables are glass, wood, and vinyl. Regardless of the brand you choose, you will get a customized tablecloth. 

Geo Cocktail Table

Trade Show Furniture: Portable Lecterns

A lectern is the perfect piece of furniture for when you want to make a speech; it comes with a document shelf that you can use to place notes or flashcards. Lecterns also help give off a more professional vibe, which is crucial at business expos and tradeshows. 

Moreover, since these lecterns are portable, they can easily be transported, installed, uninstalled, and re-installed at a different tradeshow. 

Trade Show Furniture: Showcases

Showcases are used by exhibitioners who would like to display a valuable item to the tradeshow audience. The upper portion of the showcase consists of a transparent viewing area, while the lower section is a secure storage unit. These showcases also come with lockable doors, meaning that they are the ideal display stands for valuable or precious items. 

Trade Show Furniture: Display Cases and Towers

These towers and cases come in various sizes: the larger ones are meant to draw attention towards your booth, while the smaller ones are used to improve visibility by bringing the on-display merchandise up to the viewer’s eye level. 

Unlike the generic displays installed at retail shops, tradeshow display towers and cases are designed for easy setup and disassembly. These towers and cases can be installed, disassembled, packed, and transported seamlessly. 

Trade Show Furniture: AV Stands

Through an AV stand, you can zoom-in or enlarge your branding on a large-scale television (typically between 22” and 42”) which is installed right next to the product. 

Alongside displaying the details of a service or product, these stands and TVs are also great for showcasing a video or your company website. 

Monitor Stands

Trade Show Furniture: Mobile Stands

These stands are essentially free-standing mobile holders and come with literature holders, tables, and a lockable case for placing the mobile or tablet device. 

Like AV stands, mobile holders are great for when you want to use a smart-phone or tablet to display company videos, websites, or interactive features of your offerings.  

Factors to Consider when Picking Trades Show Furniture

For many exhibitioners, tradeshow furniture is little more than an afterthought. Well, that is the wrong way to go about things, and furniture should be at the very heart of your tradeshow planning. 

Your tradeshow furniture plays a crucial role in converting attendees into leads and leads into customers. Hence, you need to give proper thought and time to your furniture decisions, and the factors discussed in this section will help you with that. 

Seating Requirements

Whether you are going for a full-fledged booth or using outdoor/pop-out banners, showcasing is far from a walk in the park for your on-site team. Hence, you should make sure that your display includes ample seating arrangements for both your team and the attendees visiting your booth. 

Alongside facilitating visitors, these seating spaces allow your team members to take short, much-needed breaks whenever they get the chance. It is best to go for versatile seating arrangements that can easily be reworked depending upon whether you want to use them for your clients or for your team. 


You want your booth space to be as comfortable for your clients as possible. After hours and hours of walking across the show floor, a bit of rest and relaxation is exactly what the attendees are looking for – and if you can provide them with it, this will automatically make your booth more attractive and increase footfall.  Besides, getting the clients all cozy and comfortable gives you more time to interact with the visitors and make your pitch. 


Ideally, you should have a different theme for every exhibition, since displaying a unique theme helps you stand out from the pack and makes it easier for the clients to remember you long after the show is over. Whether you go for a natural, retro, classic, antique, or futuristic theme, your furniture will be a critical component of the whole package. 

Pick furniture with the kind of dĂ©cor, color, branding, and finishing that helps your prospective clients connect to your exhibition theme. Also, make sure to go for an eye-catching and consistent theme, and refrain from choosing something dull or scattered. 


Speaking of standing out from the pack, you need to pick furniture that effectively distinguishes your brand and offering from those of your rivals. Pick classy, high-quality furniture so that you can leave a positive and lasting impression even on anyone who visits, no matter how briefly. Every accessory should be in impeccable condition, exuding elegance and perfection. 

Your tradeshow furniture quality might well be the defining aspect in the extent of awareness you manage to spread about your brand and offerings. If visitors feel that your furniture was not given the right amount of time, attention, or money, you are setting your campaign up for failure even before the event begins. 

Having said that, if you are thinking that premium tradeshow furniture will require you to chop off an arm and a leg, we are quite happy to assure you that you are wrong. With the advent and popularity of tradeshow furniture rentals, it is now possible – even for exhibitioners on a budget – to make tradeshow furniture arrangements without making crucial compromises. 

Type of Display

The display type is determined by two factors: your preferred method of display, and whether you will have attendees inside or outside the booth. 

That said, regardless of these factors, the right tradeshow booth furniture will help you effectively control traffic, and either facilitate or block access to your booth. If you want to sell from the exhibition booth, you can prevent passersby from viewing or handling your items by setting up the display tables around the outer boundaries. This way, you will be free to move within the stands while effectively presenting and demonstrating your products. 

Depending on your preference, your furniture should facilitate either light or intensive display methods. 

Storage Space

You will be surprised by the number of tradeshow venues without practical storage units or other dedicated storage spaces. Hence, to err on the side of caution, it is best to go for furniture equipment that does not have large storage requirements. Everything Tradeshows builds versatile portable storage solutions so that its clients can seamlessly perform their exhibition activities. 

Items like stationery, brochures, gift bags, or additional stock need to be stored in a secure yet accessible way. Also, you should pick furniture companies that offer dedicated storage space as part of the package, so that you are not held liable for any injuries, damages, or other inconveniences that may otherwise arise. 

By investing in furniture that is in line with your booth requirements and storage capacity, clients will not have to irk at the unsightly booth clutter, and your brand image will not be compromised. Finally, go for a tradeshow furniture company that provides top notch security, especially for valuable items like smart-phones, tablet devices, and laptops. 

How do Tradeshow Furniture Rentals Work?

Renting tradeshow furniture as opposed to buying it has a number of advantages (which we will be discussing in the next article), which is why many exhibitioners are now choosing to benefit from the services of tradeshow furniture rentals. 

The process of renting tradeshow furniture with Everything Tradeshows is very simple. The first step is to go through all the furniture available on the website, consider their types, designs, and sizes, and pick one that you think suits your needs. Alternatively, if you would like to customize the furniture, you can reach out to the Everything Tradeshows design team and it will collaborate with you to make your precise vision a reality. After a furniture design has been created, the team will show it to you and you can choose to either approve or reject it. Once the final design has been approved, the process is complete and you are good to go. 

Why Tradeshow Furniture Rental May be a Good Option for You:

Below are the main reasons behind the increasing popularity of tradeshow furniture rentals, and why renting out furniture for your next exhibition might be a good idea:

Lower Burden of Responsibilities

When you use a rental for your tradeshow furniture, aspects like shipping, storage, maintenance, and insurance cease to become your concerns. All you need to do is pay the agreed-upon rental charge, and leave the rest to the rental company. In fact, Everything Tradeshows even helps its clients set up the furniture in the right manner, prior to the start of the show. Also, once the show is over, you can leave the furniture in the booth as it is; it will be Everything Tradeshow’s responsibility to collect all equipment at a designated time. 

Lower Costs

Renting furniture is much cheaper than buying it, since with the former you only have to pay for the period that you will be using the equipment. Everything Tradeshows even allows its clients to pay on an hourly basis, which is very cost-effective if you only want to spend a few hours (and not the whole day) at the exhibition. The affordability and financial flexibility offered by tradeshow furniture rentals is extremely beneficial for exhibitors who are on tight budgets and allows them to make more efficient use of their limited funds. 


Renting furniture does not only come with financial flexibilities but also offers ample flexibility in terms of choices. Everything Tradeshows has many different pieces, types, designs, and sizes of furniture available, and clients can take their pick from this vast collection. This is very convenient for exhibitioners looking to modify their tradeshow booths. 

Peace of Mind

Renting your tradeshow furniture allows you to book the booth space in advance and make sure that every furniture item is in line with your designated area. This may not be possible if you choose to purchase the furniture, and, in case the equipment is not in line with the tradeshow regulations, you might be barred from exhibiting altogether. 

At Everything Tradeshows, Furniture Rental is a Specialty

Everything Tradeshows is one of the premier tradeshow service and material providers across the United States. Based in Florida, the company serves numerous cities throughout the country (including Las Vegas, Miami, and Orlando), in addition to several international locations in Europe, Asia, and South America, using its 25 years of experience to ensure that every client gets to host the perfect tradeshow exhibition. 

One of Everything Tradeshows’ many specialties includes furniture rental. Clients can rent, at very affordable rates, all types of furniture, including chairs, soft seating equipment, tables, and even ottomans. In addition to that, the company also offers a host of tradeshow accessories, such as pillows, portable ACs and DCs, rugs, dividers, table lamps, floor lamps, and charging tables. Every one of these items is available in a wide array of colors, sizes, and designs. Moreover, every piece of furniture is top-of-the-line, and ideal for any kind of display or theme. 

Not only will Everything Tradeshows ship and install your furniture, but the company will also be responsible for the entire process from start to finish, including designing, show management, shipping, and dismantling. The company also owns and maintains three warehouses, which means that you can rest assured that your furniture will remain safe, secure, and intact until the day of the show. Also, in case of any confusion, concerns, or questions, the Everything Tradeshows customer representatives will be available to you 24/7.

To learn more about Everything Tradeshows and how the company can help you stage the perfect tradeshow exhibition, or to obtain a free quote, please feel free to check out the Everything Tradeshows website today. 

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