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Why Rent a Trade Show Booth in Fort Lauderdale?

A coastal USA city, Fort Lauderdale is situated in Florida on the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 25 miles South of Miami. The city is also known as the ‘American Venice’ and has 165 miles of inland waterways throughout the city.

Fort Lauderdale is one of the most popular spring break locations in the USA, and is known for its beaches, nightclubs, and bars. In addition, the Fort Lauderdale is home to a large outdoor/indoor flea market, the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop, and the world’s largest drive-in movie theater with 13 screens.

Alongside tourism, Fort Lauderdale’s diversified economy consists of manufacturing, insurance, real-estate, finance, film and television production, and aerospace/avionics. Unsurprisingly, then, the American Venice is an ideal tradeshow destination for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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Fort Lauderdale Tradeshow Booth Rentals with Everything Tradeshows

Exhibiting at a Fort Lauderdale tradeshow is an excellent idea –especially when you have a tradeshow booth rental company like Everything Tradeshows taking care of your rental exhibit needs.

Although we extend our services to many different parts of the USA and even a number of international locations, Fort Lauderdale is the heart of our company and the location of our headquarters.

Often, companies – especially smaller ones – shy away from exhibiting at tradeshows because of the massive costs associated with acquiring, designing, and storing a conventional booth display. These brands miss out on golden opportunities to generate leads and spread brand awareness, without themselves being aware about the availability and feasibility of renting a tradeshow booth – a much cheaper alternative to purchasing.

Besides, gone are the days when rented exhibits used to be generic setups that made your booth stick out like a sore thumb. At Everything Tradeshows, rental booths are sleek and modern and, even more importantly, can be fully customized according to your unique business and tradeshow objectives. Your brand graphics are implemented across every booth element to make it your own.

Since these booths are 100% modern, functional, and branded, they never come across as rentals to your guests and attendees.

Ft Lauderdale trade show booth rentals

A trade show coming soon?

Trade show booths are a great way to get in front of a large number of people. They can be a cost-effective way to stand out from your competitors and attract new customers.

If you are looking to stand out at a trade show, then renting a booth is the perfect solution.Trade show booths are the most popular way for any company to make an impact in the industry.

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Fort Lauderdale Trade Show Booth Rental vs. Design

Advantages of Renting a Tradeshow Booth in Fort  Lauderdale

✅Room for Experimentation

Renting can be a great option if you want to experiment with the design and size before investing in a permanent solution. You can try out multiple designs and layouts to determine what works best for your brand and its unique needs. You get to observe the entire process of setting up and dismantling a booth, which allows you to determine if purchasing your own exhibit is worth the additional cost and hassle.


Booth rentals are immensely versatile and – provided that you use a reputable rental company like Everything Tradeshows – are available in a variety of types, including fabric and pop-up displays. At Everything Tradeshows, every rental is customized based on the client’s business and marketing needs, and the tradeshow event they will be exhibiting at.

Thus, renting a tradeshow booth allows you to change exhibits from exhibition to exhibition (or even from day-to-day if you are participating in a multi-day event). As such, booth rentals help you avoid the monotony that often accompanies a custom-designed exhibit.

✅Saves Money

Perhaps most importantly, renting a tradeshow exhibit helps you save quite a bit of money – especially if you only attend one or two exhibitions a year. Besides, renting is also a desirable option if you are new to the world of tradeshows and are not yet sure as to how frequently you will be exhibiting. Or, perhaps you are still trying to figure out the best booth type for your company and brand, and want to test the waters before committing to something.

Tradeshow rentals allow you to ease into the exhibition world. They allow you to create a stunning, standout booth at a small fraction of what it would have cost you to buy your own. This will allow you to dedicate a larger percentage of your tradeshow budget to other areas like marketing, promotion, and staff preparation.

Then, even if you do decide to get your own booth in the future, you would have a solid idea of what does and does not work for your brand, and about the features that are worth paying a premium for.

✅No Storage Space or Cost Required

Owning a tradeshow exhibit means having to store it somewhere when you are not using it. This requires storage space and, if you do not have the right space, you will need to pay a storage fee elsewhere.

On the other hand, when you rent a booth with Everything Tradeshows, storing and transporting your chosen tradeshow exhibit becomes our responsibility.

✅Accessories and Add-Ons

Tradeshow rentals are not restricted to exhibit booths; in fact, Everything Tradeshows also provides a wide range of rentable accessories and add-ons that can help make your display more appealing and functional. These rentable accessories include:

  • Counters
  • Banner stands
  • Literature racks
  • Kiosks
  • Shelves
  • Tables
  • Workstations

Not only do accessories help you better display your products, but they also offer logistical support (like providing dedicated spaces to staffers to store promotional items and their personal belongings). They also help you design areas where your team can interact with prospects, or where visitors can catch a breather after a hectic day walking the event floor.

Also, if you want to highlight a new product but do not want to change your entire booth setup, you can rent accessories like kiosks or banner stands that allow you to make your big announcement without altering the bulk of your booth.

Advantages of Tradeshow Booth Design

While renting a tradeshow exhibit is a great idea for a number of reasons, there are a few situations in which you are better off buying your own customized booth. Below are a few advantages of a customized tradeshow booth design:

✅Total Customization

While renting a booth allows you to customize a lot of its elements, it is not the same as designing your own booth from scratch.

When you go for a tradeshow booth design, you can ensure that every aspect of the rental focuses solely on your brand values, ethos, and message.


Using a custom-built tradeshow exhibit allows you to be consistent in terms of design and branding. This is vital from a marketing point-of-view.

If you rely on tradeshows to spread the word about your brand, using the same tradeshow booth across events can help attendees better recognize and remember your brand and what it offers.

✅Cost-Effective for Frequent Exhibitors

If you are a regular at tradeshow events, renting a booth every time you decide to exhibit can be considerably more costly than making a one-off purchase.

Although buying your own booth requires a higher up-front payment, you can use the booth for many years to come. In other words, buying a tradeshow exhibit is a more cost-effective option for frequent exhibitors in the long-run.

✅The Design Company Handles the Logistics for You

While transporting, storing, setting up, and dismantling a booth is a lot of hassle, that is not much of a concern if you know that your booth design company will be taking care of all of that.

Everything Tradeshows not only promises a standout booth design, but also full responsibility for the logistics – ranging from transporting the booth to the event location to tearing it down and transporting it back to our design warehouse.

This means that you can spend your focus and energies on maximizing your tradeshow ROI (Return on Investment) by attracting visitors, conveying your brand message, generating, leads, and building genuine relationships.

Why Choose Everything Tradeshows

Choosing a trade show booth design can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. We have the creative team, expertise, and industry knowledge to help you create a booth that will attract attention and get you noticed.

We offer a range of services from stand production, promotion and marketing to management and logistics. Our in-house team specializes in building eye-catching booths that are guaranteed to turn heads when they enter the event hall. With us by your side, you’ll be well on your way to attracting the right contacts for your company or business idea.

Useful Tips For Tradeshow booth Rental In Fort Lauderdale

Do Your Research

Although Everything Tradeshows can effectively cater to all your tradeshow rental needs and demands, you should not take our word for it. We encourage all our potential clients to explore all their options to find the perfect fit.

The more time you spend on doing your due diligence prior to partnering with a rental company, the more time you will be able to save by avoiding roadblocks once the actual process begins.

 Assess Portfolio

A reputed booth rental company will have a diverse portfolio comprising a number of different booth styles, sizes, and designs. Go through their work and see if they offer variety or go by the obsolete, one-size-fits-all approach.

In the same tone, research their experience and past track record. Everything Tradeshows has been a part of this industry for close to three decades, and has a long list of satisfied clients both within and beyond the USA to testify to its excellence.

Perform a Cost-Benefit Analysis

Most Fort Lauderdale tradeshow booth rental companies like Everything Tradeshows offer a wide variety of packages. For instance, one package may include comprehensive customization and branding, while others might offer minimal changes and alterations.

Hence, it is important that you weigh in the benefits and costs associated with each package, and choose one that lets you best meet your tradeshow objectives without exceeding your budgetary limits for the event.

Wrapping Up

A booth rental allows companies to set up standout tradeshow exhibits without enduring the costs and hassles associated with owning a booth. What’s more, your rental company takes care of all the logistics, so you can stay focused on making the most of your tradeshow exhibition.

To learn more about Everything Tradeshows and how it can cater to your booth rental needs, contact us today.


Interested in trade show display rental?

A trade show exhibit can be more than just a way to promote your company. It’s also the perfect opportunity to create value for your customers.

Trade show booth rental is the most affordable option for exhibiting at a trade show. It is also the simplest option that doesn’t require any investment or work on your end. We are here to help!