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Trade show displays

Island Exhibit Designs

Trade show displays are a great way to get your message across and attract clients. If you have a trade show coming up, you should think about how to use the space.

Trade show displays can be used as a means of eye-catching attention and also as a way to guide the visitors through the exhibition hall.

Trade show displays can come in different sizes and shapes. Displays help with attracting people to your booth, as they keep them focused on your booth among the many other booths at a trade show. They also make your booth stand out from others.

Below are the different types of trade show displays we offer. 

Modern Island & Inline Trade Show Displays

Island trade show displays are set up on their own stand and are used for conveying information about a particular product. They allow you to get more creative with your design and usually hold more than one product at a time.

An inline trade show display is positioned right next to or near another display for visibility, this type of display is often used for products which need immediate attention like food items or drinks.

Portable Trade Show Displays

Portable trade show displays are the new way to market your company on the go. They are lightweight and can be set up in a matter of minutes, which is perfect for those who do not want to commit to large and expensive trade show booths.

Trade Show Displays & Accessories

Trade show charging stations are a great opportunity for exhibitors to give their guests a place to charge their devices. Trade show kiosks offer guests the chance to explore your products or services before they make a decision of whether or not to purchase. Trade show iPad stands allow you to display your product catalog on your iPad, which is easier for your visitors who are browsing without an internet connection. Trade show table top displays allow you to display your products in an interesting way that is eye-catching and fun!

Trade Show Counters, Monitors Stands & Kiosks

Trade show counters and other item accessories are a great way to draw attention to your booth, display products more effectively, and increase sales.

Contemporary Trade Show Solutions

Hand sanitizers are also a good promotional tool if you have them branded with your business logo.

Trade Show Rental

Renting a trade show booth is an excellent option for companies that need something at the last minute because it takes less time and effort in comparison with purchasing one from scratch or building one in-house. Check our trade show booth rental offer.

Have An Event Coming Soon?

Trade shows are one of the most important events for any company. They provide the opportunity to make new connections, generate leads and promote your products or services. It is essential to make a good first impression during the event since it will influence your business in the future.

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