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Trade Show Hanging Signs

Trade Show Hanging Signs

Trade show hanging signs are designed to be beautiful, adaptable, and recognizable at any trade show, convention, or special event.

Choose from 21 stock structures — rounds, squares, pinwheels, rectangles, and triangles — or design a custom shape that communicates your unique message.

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Trade Show Hanging Signs & Banners

Trade show hanging signs are an eye-catching and effective way to make your brand stand out on a crowded expo floor. By suspending your company name, logo, and messaging high above your booth, you can attract attendees’ attention from all angles and distances. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into what trade show hanging signs are, how to use them strategically, the benefits they provide, and answer some frequently asked questions.

Trade show hanging sign
Trade show hanging sign example

What Are Trade Show Hanging Signs?

Trade show hanging signs, also known as suspended signs or overhead signs, are large, lightweight, custom-printed graphics that are hung from the ceiling of a convention center or event space. They hover over or near your booth space, providing an additional, highly visible branding opportunity beyond your ground-level displays.

Hanging signs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations to suit your branding needs and venue regulations. Popular options include:

  • Circular or oval signs
  • Square or rectangular signs
  • Triangular signs
  • Multi-sided signs (e.g. cubes, hexagons, octagons)
  • Unique custom shapes

The signs are typically printed on stretch fabric that is pulled taut over a lightweight aluminum frame. This allows for vivid, seamless graphics in large format sizes while keeping the signs easy to ship, assemble, and suspend.


How to Effectively Use Trade Show Hanging Signs

To get the most impact from hanging signs, consider the following tips:

  1. Check venue regulations early: Venues have varying rules about sign sizes, rigging points, deadlines, and installation vendors. Familiarize yourself with these early in your planning process.
  2. Tie into your overall booth design: Your hanging signs should complement your booth’s overall aesthetic and messaging for a cohesive brand experience.
  3. Keep text minimal: Focus on bold brand visuals rather than wordy messaging. Attendees should be able to understand your signs at a quick glance.
  4. Use lighting for extra pop: Incorporate LED lighting to make your signs “glow” and stand out even more in the exhibit hall.
  5. Go double-sided: With double-sided printing, your signs will be effective from all viewpoints. This is especially important for island booth spaces.
  6. Hang at varying heights: Using signs at different heights creates visual interest and dimension over your space.

Benefits of Hanging Signs for Trade Shows

Trade show hanging sign example
Trade show hanging sign example

Investing in hanging signs provides numerous advantages for your trade show marketing efforts:

  • Stand Out in a Crowd. In a sea of ground-level exhibits, colorful and branded elements up high instantly differentiate your booth and make you stand out in the crowd. Hanging signs act like a beacon to draw attendees to you.
  • Visible from Aisles Away.  Whereas attendees need to be near your booth to see your ground-level signage, hanging signs can be seen from hundreds of feet away and from all angles. They help attendees locate and remember your brand as they navigate the expo floor.
  • Enhanced Brand Perception. Large, custom hanging signs convey that you are an established, serious brand investing in your trade show presence. They elevate your overall booth look and lend a feeling of importance to your space.
  • Flexibility. Hanging signs work for any size booth, from a 10’x10′ inline to a large island. You can also repurpose them for other events, or as in-office branding after the show.

FAQs About Trade Show Hanging Signs

What sizes do hanging signs come in?

Sizes vary based on your booth size, design needs, and venue regulations (which sometimes limit size). Generally, square/rectangular/circular signs range from 8’W up to 20’W or more. Triangles and other shapes have varying dimensions based on the shape. Your sign provider can help determine the right size for your space and specs.

How are hanging signs installed?

Hanging signs are suspended from trusses and rigging points in the exhibit hall ceiling. This is done by professional rigging crews with lifts and special equipment to ensure secure and safe hanging. The sign frame typically assembles on the ground and then is hoisted up and attached to cables from the rigging points.

Are hanging signs only for island booths?

No, hanging signs can be an impactful addition to any booth size, from a 10×10 inline to a 20×20 or larger island. The size and placement of the sign can be adapted based on your specific space size and configuration.

How long does it take to install hanging signs?

Installation time varies based on the size and complexity of the signs, but the actual hanging process typically only takes 30-60 minutes once the sign is assembled and the rigging points are ready. However, it’s important to schedule installation well in advance, as rigging crews need to efficiently navigate multiple sign installations in a short window of time before the show opens.

Can I reuse my hanging signs?

Yes! Hanging signs are very durable and can be reused at multiple trade shows or events. They disassemble and pack down into compact cases for easy storage and shipping. Depending on your design, you may also be able to swap out the graphics for different shows while reusing the same frame.

Trade show hanging sign example
Trade show hanging sign example

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