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Trade Show Booth Design Tips

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💡 Here are the trade show booth design tips that will let you design the best booth for your trade show.

Getting together a booth for a tradeshow can be a nightmare. There are a million things to consider, and on top of that rules and regulations to follow. Even for a seasoned marketing team, a trade show is a very specific beast that requires very particular handling and execution. In this article, we’ll be discussing how to make that process just a little bit easier while also providing some key points to make your booth or display stand out. Being a booth designer in this industry,

I have years of experience putting together effective displays for companies big and small. Today, I’m excited to share some of my key trade show booth tips to help you make your next trade show the best one yet!

1: Plan ahead for your trade show

The most important part of an effective booth is planning ahead. This gives you time to sit down with your team and have adequate time to identify your main goals and needs for the show. Also, the more thought you put into your booth, the better the end product.

Whether it be graphics, floor plan, giveaways, etc, creativity and uniqueness is key. These types of things take time to think of and put into production. A good rule of thumb in terms of a timetable to start putting things into motion at least six months before your show date.

The last thing you want is to be up against the clock with approaching deadlines. Not only is it stressful, but it also means you’ll be forced to rush production and pay a premium for a hastily designed exhibit. You and your company have taken the resources to invest in the show, why not put in the effort to make it truly worthwhile?

All Clear trade show booth
All Clear trade show booth

2: Become familiar with trade show rules and regulations

So your team is planning ahead and ready to start developing the booth design. Now what? The first thing is to take a look at the exhibitor rules and regulations. Each trade show has their own document of rules you must abide by in your booth. These range from different required size dimensions for displays, to what giveaways or activities you can have. Before any work begins, have your whole team become familiar with the document so everyone has a clear idea of what they’re working with.

Once you know the guidelines, you’re ready to get started working on making the best
out of them.

Oklahoma expo
Oklahoma expo

3: Make your trade show booth interactive

An interactive trade show booth is a vague concept, I know. However, since it’s so open-ended there’s a variety of things you can do that are perfect for both your company and your industry. A popular option is to add in a gamified element with the chance for some great prizes. Maybe it’s a free product or a gift card or something else meaningful. When attendees are having fun at your booth, it makes the experience memorable. Plus, everyone loves winning. As long as the game is unique and tasteful, it’s sure to draw a crowd.

However, being interactive doesn’t just involve games. You can also have visitors actively test your product or service, or find ways to incentivize them to complete whatever you’d like them to do based on your business. Visitor interactions keep them in your booth for longer, and raises the chance of establishing a meaningful connection outside of the show. People enjoy being able to do stuff, let them! Since most booths at the show won’t be investing in a unique experience, you’ll have an enormous edge and make your booth a show favorite.

Snow Magic trade show booth
Snow Magic trade show booth

4: Stay on brand

When it comes to attendees recognizing and remembering you, branding is everything. Keeping a uniform brand image throughout your booth is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it reinforces your company in visitors’ heads. Whenever you get the opportunity to slap your logo on something, do it!

People admire a consistent brand across the space. Also, try to use your company colors wherever possible to keep up a seamless look. A particularly effective branding opportunity is in the clothing worn by the employees staffing the booth. A branded polo or jacket is not only fresh looking, but crucial since these are the people that are going to be interacted with the most. If you’re in need of a custom-branded product, our brand management team at Everything Tradeshows can create any product or clothing you can think of! Contact us here and get a free quote.

Showa trade show booth
Showa trade show booth

5: Use effective graphics in your trade show booth

Booth graphics are one of the major aspects of your booth. You want to give people a feel of your business without over-saturating or being unpleasant to the eye. With trade show booth graphics, less is more. Being overly wordy or having too much going on will turn people off to your booth. Instead, save the information for pamphlets you can give to guests or better yet your own personal spiel in conversation. With graphics, a sleek and minimal design is best.

Focus on your main company logo and slogan with possibly some small bits of information. When designing your graphics, make sure that the important stuff is above waist-height to make sure people can read it from above the crowd and from a distance.

Heico trade show booth
Heico trade show booth

6: Trade show booth layout

Once you’ve caught their attention and drawn them into your booth, what’s going to be in it? The second most important thing is the layout of your booth, and what’s in it. Since every show and company is different, a lot is going to vary, but there are still some general ideas applicable to each one.

The first for me is to include a nice seating area/ lounge space. Never underestimate how bad an exhausted attendee would like to get off their feet for a while, and what better place than your booth? A comfortable space with tables and chairs creates a great place to discuss business while also providing a valuable resource to visitors. To take things to the next level, including charging outlets in the middle of the table will also give guests a chance to recharge-literally and figuratively!

At Everything Tradeshows, charging tables can also be custom branded with your logo to create the perfect centerpiece. Even a small seating area in your booth will make a big impact on interacting with your guests-especially for longer periods of time.

Velocity trade show booth
Velocity trade show booth

No matter if you’re working with a 10 X 10 booth or a massive island exhibit, managing your space matters. A cluttered booth is uninviting and overwhelming to attendees. Instead, keeping an open space allows people to move through freely. Product displays and more should be against the edge of the booth space, so they’re able to be referenced but not in the way. An open area is the one most likely to be visited by trade show attendees.

Jacobs trade show booth
Jacobs trade show booth

Final trade show booth design tips for you

I hope that in this article you were able to get some useful information and ideas on how to create the optimal trade show booth for your upcoming convention. These tips for a trade show booth will put you and your team on the right path to success. With great planning and some creativity, the perfect trade show booth is in reach. Good luck!

At Everything Tradeshows, trade show booth design is our job! We have an expert trade show design team with over 20 years of experience creating some of the best trade show booths in the world!

Get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you! Contact us and get a free booth rendering here.

Kellstrom trade show booth
Kellstrom trade show booth

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