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What Is A Turnkey Booth?

Turnkey Booth
Turnkey Rental Kits
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Learn all about turnkey booths and why they make trade show exhibits easy.

Trade shows are key opportunities for companies to connect with potential customers and showcase their latest offerings.

However, designing and setting up an impactful booth can be time-consuming and complex. Turnkey booths provide an appealing solution – ready-made rental booths that allow exhibitors to simply show up and start interacting with attendees.

In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about turnkey booths for trade shows and exhibitions. What exactly are turnkey booth? What features and elements are typically included? How can partnering with an experienced trade show company like Everything Tradeshows ensure you put your best brand image forward?

By the end, you will understand how turnkey booth rentals can save you hassle and maximize your presence when it matters most. Whether you are exhibiting for the first time or are a seasoned trade show veteran, turnkey booths deserve strong consideration.

Let’s dive in to see if they are the right choice for your next show.

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Turnkey booth example
Turnkey booth design example

What is a Turnkey Booth?

Looking for a simple definition of a turnkey booth? Here is one.

A turnkey booth is a ready-to-use booth that is delivered to your trade show location. All you need to do is show up. The booth includes all necessary elements like tables, chairs, lighting, storage cabinets, and backdrop displays.

The key advantage of a turnkey booth is it allows exhibitors to start interacting with attendees right away without any setup required. You simply arrive at the show at a fully equipped booth ready for demonstrating products, displaying signage, and networking.

Example of a turnkey booth

Benefits of a Turnkey Booth Rental

Renting a turnkey booth for your next trade show comes with numerous advantages.

  • A major benefit is that a turnkey rental saves you the time and hassle of designing and setting up a fully custom booth from scratch. With a turnkey, you simply arrive to a complete professional-grade booth, ready to go.
  • Additionally, a turnkey booth provides a polished, put-together aesthetic that reflects well on your brand image. The move-in ready presentation draws attendees in and shows you value creating an inviting space for them. This level of professionalism and quality can be difficult for exhibitors to match on their own last-minute preparations.
  • The flexibility to adjust the setup and design as needed is another perk of renting a turnkey booth. You can select additional features a la carte from your rental provider. Turnkey booth rentals are also extremely cost-effective compared to purchasing all the necessary elements outright. Minimal upfront investment means maximized return.
  • Finally, renting a turnkey trade show booth enables you to focus your limited time solely on attracting and engaging with potential customers, rather than dealing with logistic hurdles onsite. When it comes to connecting attendees with your brand, turnkey booths help exhibitors start meaningful conversations immediately.

What to Look for When Renting a Turnkey Booth

When exploring turnkey booth rentals, there are a few key features you should evaluate to ensure the booth will meet your needs:

Turnkey Booth: Complete Furniture Setup

Carefully examine what types of seating and tables come with the rental package. There should be adequate, comfortable furnishing for both your team and visiting attendees. The furniture finish and style should also align with your desired brand image. Consider:

  • Number of chairs, side tables, etc.
  • Table size, shape to properly showcase products/literature
  • Inclusion of table linens
  • Furniture quality and durability
  • Arrangement conducive to conversation

Turnkey Booth: Sufficient Lighting

Assess the lighting included with the turnkey booth and if additional lighting is available or required for an optimal display of your particular offerings. Proper illumination can highlight important elements and allow customers to properly inspect products.

Turnkey Booth: Adequate Locked Storage

Secure storage should be available within the booth perimeter to house personal items, literature/product overflow, or valuables when briefly stepping away. Locked cabinets maintain a clean, clutter-free environment.

Turnkey Booth: Branding Opportunities

Look for a turnkey package that offers customization like logo signage, banner stands, or digital displays to reinforce branding. This allows creativity in showcasing your unique identity.

Turnkey Booth: Appealing, Cohesive Decor

The draping, accents, colors, and materials used in a turnkey booth should coordinate nicely for a polished, professional aesthetic. A cohesive decor draws the eye in.

Scrutinizing these aspects will help guarantee your rental turnkey booth checks all the boxes for a successful show presence.

Turnkey booth during trade shows

Turnkey Trade Show Booth Rentals from Everything Tradeshows

The leading provider Everything Tradeshows offers exceptional turnkey booth rentals including:

  • Over 25 Years of Industry Experience: With over two decades designing, building, and servicing trade show booths, Everything Tradeshows provides unparalleled expertise. Their founder Christian Chase heads an experienced team focused on customer goals.
  • Customizable Rental Kits: Everything Tradeshows offers customizable rental kits to meet needs of various booth dimensions and configurations—from 10×10 inline booths up to 20×20 island spaces.
  • Full-Service Delivery and Installation: We handle seamless booth delivery to the venue, complete installation, and convenient teardown after the show finishes. This start-to-finish service allows you to just focus on networking and demonstrating products.
  • Quality Materials and Aesthetics: Everything Tradeshows utilizes modern, durable components combined with lighting, graphics, and accessories for an aesthetic that leaves a lasting impression representing your brand.
  • Expert Guidance and Support: Their award-winning designers collaborate with you one-on-one to create the optimal turnkey booth rental solution matching your niche, budget, goals, and target show audience.

With Everything Tradeshows turnkey rentals, you get an impactful yet stress-free trade show presence.

Turnkey Booth FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are the most often-asked questions about turnkey booth rentals.

What do our turnkey booth rental packages include?

Our turnkey rentals provide all required furniture, electrical, lighting, flooring, basic displays and backwalls to create a seamless booth setup so exhibitors can simply show up ready to demonstrate and network.

How are our turnkey booth rentals different than exhibitors setting up their own booth?

We handle the full booth assembly and configuration so exhibitors don’t have to worry about laborious setup and can focus entirely on attracting attendees during show hours.

Do our turnkey booth rentals look professional?

Absolutely! We intentionally design our rental booths to feature contemporary builds and decor that make any brand look polished and established the moment they begin exhibiting.

Can exhibitors customize or brand our turnkey booth rentals?

We encourage custom branding including banners, digital screens, logos and more so exhibitors can express their unique identity within the rental parameters.

What booth dimensions do we offer as turnkey rentals?

Our most popular configurations are 10×10, 10×20 and 20×20 island turnkey booths, however we can also deliver custom floorplans and large exhibition spaces based on clients’ requests.

Do our turnkey booths include secured storage?

Yes, lockable storage cabinets come standard in all our turnkey booth rentals so valuables, product samples and personal items can be safely stowed out of public sight if needed.

What types of seating do our turnkey rental packages include?

Standard seating consists of folding chairs, barstools, director’s chairs, etc. Although more exotic furniture can be arranged if desired. Comfort for both exhibitor team and guests is a priority.

Should exhibitors buy or rent booths from us?

We highly recommend renting our turnkey booths over purchasing outright when factoring aspects like storage, shipping and maintenance costs exhibitors must cover long term. Rental dodges these expenses.

What lighting options are included with our turnkey booth rentals?

Accent lighting and spotlights come pre-configured in our turnkey rentals, but upgraded lighting layouts tailored to exhibitors’ product displays can easily be accommodated as well upon request.

Can we ship assembled turnkey booths internationally?

We do not currently ship pre-assembled booths overseas, but can coordinate turnkey rentals through vendors local to the specific international exhibition venue in question.

How far in advance should clients book our turnkey rentals?

We recommend booking turnkey rentals with us 3-6 months prior to the show date in order to guarantee preferred configuration availability and timely onsite delivery amidst move-in.

What does setup and tear down of our turnkey rentals entail?

We handle the complete physical construction of the preselected rental components onsite, as well as subsequent dismantling and clear out post-show – clients perform no booth labor whatsoever.

What if our turnkey booths incur damage during shows?

It’s very rare, but damages occasionally do happen. Our rental terms clarify coverage via included insurance policies, although intentional damage repair costs may be passed to clients.

Can elements of our turnkey booths be swapped out later on?

Yes! We encourage clients to consult our team prior to shows to exchange or adjust certain rental elements as needs evolve, typically for a small change fee.

Does renting our turnkey booths save money long-term?

Absolutely – turnkey rental avoids the major overhead expenses of outright purchasing custom booths when factoring aspects like storage, shipping and maintenance over years. The value cannot be overstated.

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